Enrollable endurance in the purest “Japan Heritage” style

There are motorcycles like this SPL RVF/RC45a masterful preparation carried out on the iconic Honda V4, which takes us de facto back to the golden age of motorcycling, those 80s and 90s where frames with clear endurance reminiscences were one of the greatest objects of desire of motorcycle fans. The time.

It is clear that the RC45 He was already born with that genetics imprinted in each of his parts, but in this preparation the work of Japanese m-tech specialisteverything is taken to a level where excellence shines as the main protagonist.

Even more so when we take a first look and discover that the livery that covers the figure of this SPL RVF/RC45 It is a tribute to the one used by the official NR that ran the 24 Hours of Endurance of Le Mans in 1987 within the “Prototype” category.

Honda SPL RVF/RC45 in detail

Currently, this exuberant preparation belongs to an amateur who calls himself Rain Meister on social media. As he explains to his Autoby colleagues: “Actually, this bike had a previous owner. I admired it since they built it at m-tech and he sold it to me.”

If we look at every detail we can see how in this SPL RVF/RC45 nothing is there by chance. Not only have we sought to improve the aesthetic aspect, we have also installed a host of extras that give it a dynamic bonus far above what a standard RC45 offers.

Among the most notable elements that we find in the SPL RVF/RC45 We have:

  • M-Tech Double Arm Aluminum Swingarm with Quick Release
  • STACK ST700SR Tachometer/Speedometer
  • Yoshimura PRO-GRESS2 Information Display
  • m-tech handmade seatpost
  • SPOT FRP Carbon Fiber Front Fairing
  • RC30 headlights and m-tech covers
  • Brembo Racing Radial CNC brake and clutch pumps
  • Ohlins steering damper
  • Single seat
  • Akrapovič double carbon silencer
  • Inverted fork with HRC specifications
  • Ohlins rear shock
  • Brembo CNC four-piston front calipers
  • 320mm Brembo discs
  • Nissin rear caliper and HRC disc, etc.

Honda SPL RVF/RC45: Endurance registration in the purest style "Japan Heritage"

Both the well-known propellant 749 cc 90º V4 such as the double aluminum beam chassis have remained unchanged. In any case, this preparation of RC45 is truly exclusive, as confirmed by Mr. Matsumoto from m-tech himself: “Even if you ask me to make the same bike now, I wouldn't even be able to get the parts anymore.”

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