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The Euro 5+ regulations will come into force in just over half a year. Then all registered motorcycles will have to comply. Right now we have the Euro 5 regulations in force, considered the most restrictive to date, although Euro 6 is already beginning to be considered without a specific implementation date. In any case, what interests us is knowing what is going to change with the entry of Euro 5+, and the way in which it will affect motorcycles.

How will Euro 5+ affect motorcycles?

In reality, Euro 5+ is the second part of the implementation of the Euro 5 regulations. As we said before, it was a very restrictive regulation, and that meant that many models were left out and have disappeared from the market, or have had to go through a period of “remodeling” by the brands to return to the dealerships.

Euro 5 came into force in 2021 and did so in two parts to soften the impact on factories and also on model prices. Part of the increase in prices of different models has had to do, precisely, with the implementation of the regulations. So after four years comes the second part which, in reality, is going to be less shocking than the first part was.

And the main changes are found in the emissions section. On the one hand, all important emissions data has to be monitored and stored in the OBD II diagnostic system. Another important section is the placement of two lambda probes, one of them before and one after the catalyst to check its operation.

Finally, another of the most significant changes has to do with noise emissions. Although the 77 dB limit does not change, it will be checked in a different way with the new ASEP 2.0 procedure.

As for the deadlines, motorcycles registered on or after January 1, 2025 will have to comply, although there are exceptions. Some exceptions that must be requested by the manufacturer for very limited units and that will allow, following the regulations and deadlines, some Euro 5 models to be marketed until the end of 2026.

In any case, it is expected that between now and the end of the year and depending on the stocks of each brand, there may be some good purchasing opportunities with discounts on Euro5 models, so it is not all bad news.

The noise measurement will be stricter

Will the Euro 5+ regulations affect the motorcycle I already have?

No, this regulation will only be applied to new models, so the motorcycle you have right now is Euro3, Euro 4… it does not have to comply with the new Euro 5+ regulations and you will be able to continue enjoying it in the same way you were doing until the moment.

That does not mean that tomorrow some new regulation will not allow models that do not meet certain requirements to circulate, as is already happening in Barcelona, ​​but that has nothing to do with the regulations themselves but with local regulations.

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