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highsiderthe German manufacturer of components and accessories, has an extensive portfolio of products: from mirrors to grips and handlebars, including lights, license plate holders or turn signals, among others.

The brand, distributed in our country by Bihr, has been able to see the existing needs and transform them into solutions in the form of a catalog with more than 700 references. In them they have poured all the experience that their members have acquired on the road, added to a firm commitment to innovation.

Not in vain, highsider It has its own 3D printers for the design of prototypes and CAD software for the simulation and design of new models) and the use of top-level materials. This, together with the clear adaptation to the market and the main models that comprise it, results in a product range that will delight all motorcyclists.

Highsider product range in detail

Rear view mirrors

highsider It has numerous universal mirrors of different types (handlebar, fairing, etc.), all of them manufactured by CNC in aluminum, which guarantees their resistance, both against possible impacts and against different weather conditions.

Highsider Accessories: Experience and innovation for motorcycle lovers

The brand has several ranges, such as Esagano, Conero, Prato or Montana, in which the design is specifically adapted to a certain type of motorcycle. Thus, there are various options for those who have a custom frame, for those who have a sports frame or for those who bet more on the naked segment, among others.

Lighting accessories

Another component that can be found in the catalog of highsider They are the headlights. Authentic ones, essential in everyday life on wheels, for those who have to move or travel at night and, of course, for those moments when visibility (for example, due to weather conditions) is reduced.

Through the official Bihr website, highsider offers all types of options: LED light, lamp light, fog, low beam only, high beam, bottom mounting, side mounting… In addition, it also has supports, adapters and other necessary elements for easy installation.

Highsider Accessories: Experience and innovation for motorcycle lovers

It also offers us a huge variety of universal LED turn signal sets, with E-Mark approval and made of aluminum. Taking into account the needs of users and looking at the different styles and the main models on the market, they have designed different options: round, elongated, triangular, etc.

The mirrors, headlights and turn signals are accompanied by countless components, such as handlebars, counterweights, lights or resistors, which act as highsider the brand where the motorcyclist can find everything he needs. For more information you can consult directly on the official Bihr website.

Highsider Accessories: Experience and innovation for motorcycle lovers

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