The United Kingdom wants to ban combustion motorcycles before anyone else, but it is not going to be easy

Prohibiting has become the raison d'être of European governments in general. United Kingdom It was not going to be less and for quite some time it has had a plan to end the marketing of new motorcycles powered by combustion engines. Now, in this context, he announces the 2040 as deadline to carry out its guidelines in this matter.

To tell the truth, it is not the first time that messages of this type have been launched from the United Kingdom. In the summer of 2022 we ourselves echoed similar news, where then that deadline marked on the calendar would be 2035. However, in those days the government of the day launched a survey of its population regarding this issue.

United Kingdom stretches the rope until 2040

Now, thanks to the colleagues at Visor Down, we are once again aware of the plans that the United Kingdom Parliament has prepared for the two-wheeled sector. And once again the word prohibition becomes their protagonist. There is even talk of the year 2030 as the moment in which these standards will be applied, in the category of mopeds and small displacement motorcycles that are marketed new at that time.

However, the plan United Kingdom It continues to leak on all sides, as happens in most of the surrounding countries. Firstly, because for implement electric motorcycle as a preferred option (this is the main idea), lacks the general support of citizens, according to current sales figures with respect to internal combustion models.

On the other hand, the charging network remains insufficient and according to various reports that detail the real possibilities of an efficient operating system, call into question its viability. We only have to see how in Switzerland, for example, the possibility of “rationalizing” the use of electric vehicles was considered in certain circumstances, due to the inability of the electrical grid system to supply all the needs of the population.

Combustion motorcycles have an expiration date in the United Kingdom

About the prohibition plan in which the United Kingdom had talked Tony Campbellexecutive director of the MCIA (Motorcycle Industry Association): “We are pushing the Government to think beyond simple electrification as this should not be predetermined by their policy.”

And continues: “We need the Government to be more open-minded about net carbon fuels and allow technology and innovation to find the right solution, not binary policies that are easy for them to legislate.”

“It is essential that the UK does not fly alone when it comes to regulating our sector, while the automotive sector would prefer to align with Europe, they accepted the 2030 date as the UK market is two million units per year and therefore not a problem (and also helps them prepare for the EU 2035 date).”

Combustion motorcycles have an expiration date in the United Kingdom

“Automakers don't seem happy; once the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate is released, it will make no difference to them. What you are seeing now is pure politics.”

Concludes: “Our sector produces around 110 (thousand) to 120,000 units per year, if we are not in tune with the EU; “The model range could potentially be reduced, or some manufacturers may not choose to be in the UK until other major markets align again, this is a big risk.”

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