Face to face with the new BMW X3

We have already been able to see and touch the new BMW X3 2025. A large SUV that takes a new step forward, getting closer to the X5 than ever. This is the fourth generation of a model that reaches dealerships at the end of this year, manufactured at the Spartanburg (USA) and Rosslyn, South Africa plants. In the latter, plug-in hybrid variants like the one we saw are exclusively manufactured.

Before giving my opinion on the design, I want to see it in nature, with sunlight and among other cars. Because in the study, without references, it seemed like a very big car to me. In reality it does not grow that much, it is barely 34 mm longer than its predecessor, up to the 4,755mm. As it is wider (29 mm up to 1,920) and lower (it remains at 1,660 mm, which means reducing 25 mm) it is true that it looks better planted than before.

The front grill maintains the classic double kidney shape, although somewhat larger. The internal pattern combines vertical and oblique lines, a detail that we saw for the first time in the new BMW 1 Series 2025. Since sensors are also located there, the first sensation is that it is somewhat variegated. The optics do convince, especially the adaptive LEDs with blue details that provide a technological touch.

On the side, very clean and wide surfaces are chosen, with few nerves and which achieves an excellent aerodynamic coefficient Cx of 0.27, a figure better than that of its rivals. At the rear the optics evolve, T-shaped and they are also very clean surfaces.

The interior takes an extraordinary leap, with the new BMW curved screen and the new interaction bar, steering wheel and gear selector lever. The ambience is enhanced by bright elements and high-quality upholstery, including options in Econeer and Merino leather. Very good space in both rows of seats and also trunk capacity, between 570 and 1,700 liters in the internal combustion versions.

There are numerous mechanical options. Labeled ZERO, the BMW With ECO label, gasoline versions of between 208 and 398 HP of the X3 M50 xDrive and diesel versions of 197 HP (more will arrive).

The desire to test it on the road is greatest since they announce important improvements, with a lighter and more rigid body, as well as chassis components and advanced control systems. The M Sport and adaptive suspension options continue to seek to combine dynamic capabilities with driving comfort like few SUVs.

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