Fiat 500 Ibrida: the return of combustion to the brand's little one is confirmed

The usual thing in these times is that there are traditionally combustion cars that abandon that technology. One of the most flagrant cases was that of the Renault Megane in its last generational change. However, electric sales are falling in some markets like ours and that has raised doubts for many manufacturers. The proof of this is the promise of a Fiat 500 Ibrida by Stellantis, a model that takes the opposite path seeking to meet the needs of the public.

Initially, Fiat said that its current 500 would be the last combustion engine and that the bet was clearly focused on the all-electric 500e. In fact, the renewal has been done on the ZERO label, leaving the gasoline one as it was, without changes. Now it is official that there will be a hybrid variant as a result of reverse engineering, starting from the electric base and adapting a propulsion system that does not forget gasoline or depend on a cable. It will arrive between late 2025 and early 2026 to be the access.

The reality is that Fiat has realized that the demand for its 500e is still too low to depend only on that option. Although the gasoline one was going to be cut after this summer, they have reconsidered and are going to create a hybrid that is ideal for those who are not ready to make the leap to electric. They do this with a view to being able to produce it together with the 500e in the underused Mirafirori factory in Turin, Italy. It would be a “made in Italy” product unlike the current gasoline 500 that leaves Tcyhy, Poland

The truth is that it is still early to talk about the Fiat 500 Ibrida on a technical level, since there is still a year and a half left until its launch. If things continue as they are today, it would be normal for will adopt the Mild Hybrid system from others like the Alfa Romeo Junior Ibrida. That translates into a three-cylinder block and a small electric motor integrated into the automatic transmission, along with a 48 V battery for get the ECO label of the DGT. Currently it reaches 136 HP in that version, more than enough to move the utility vehicle with ease.

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