Suzuki joins the electric party with a dirt bike

The electric motorcycle market has not yet experienced the growth that was expected, at least in the West. We already know that in Asian countries the revolution is being brutal, but in old Europe and the United States it has not arrived with the same intensity. A different market, more focused on recreational use, is not looking for those sensations for now, and does not have many options to choose from.

But Suzuki may be able to offer an electric motorcycle that will attract the attention of those who seek motorcycles for leisure. According to some patents that we have learned about through colleagues at Cycle World, they would be considering the option of bringing to fruition the project of creating a dirt bike with electric motorization.

This is not the first time we have seen electric motocross bikes. There are several very interesting projects underway and, in fact, Honda took a step forward by fighting head to head with the four-strokes in the All Japan. Even Yamaha is also in the electric motocross race, but it is also true that other very interesting projects such as Alta Motors did not manage to take off as they deserved.

For now, there is little information we have about the Suzuki electric motocross

On this occasion the patent does not focus on the batteries, the chassis or other details, but goes one step further and proposes the transmission that the electric motor would have. Instead of a direct gear to the chain, it shows the different gears almost as if it were a gearbox, although it is not.

The patented system has several gears

Rather, it is a reduction system that would optimize the performance of the electric motor. And if there is one place where electric motorcycles have an advantage, it is in motocross, where an immediate response and all the possible traction and torque are seconds per lap. You don't need a large amount of power, but it is there when you need it and for that the electric motor is perfect.

For now we don't know more about Suzuki's plans, although the truth is that it would be fantastic to see the Japanese manufacturer reborn with full force and offering different solutions than what we are used to. In fact, currently, the RM-Z, both two and four strokes, have remained one step behind their competitors and it would be an extraordinary coup.

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