First details about Benda's next roadster

Benda Motorcycles returns to the fray, with the registration of a new design that they have named in internal code as Street Shooter 250. A naked frame, which would foreseeably be equipped with the same engine already seen in other models of the brand, including the new Napoleon 250 that we recently told you about.

Once again, the colleagues at Cycle World give us a clue as to what we can expect from Benda's future mount. This Street Shooter 250 It is clearly inspired by well-known models such as Honda's iconic VTR250, although this similarity, coming from a Chinese brand, has already become commonplace.

Benda Street Shooter 250: What we can expect

Once again, the Asian brand resorts to a striking line and in this case, unlike what is seen in its older sisters, to the use of a minimalist design. At first glance, both the tubular type chassis and the single-sided rear swingarm stand out. In front of this is an exhaust system with double overlapping outlets, very much in the style of Italian motorcycles.

The future Street Shooter 250 It would arrive to position itself as the option that Benda will offer us within the naked segment, with a sporty cut and low displacement. This is helped by the elements already mentioned, but also by others such as an inverted front fork or a double braking disc, one per axle. At the front, the 4-piston caliper with radial mounting stands out.

Street Shooter 250: First details about Benda's next roadster

In mechanical terms, the company opts for the propellant 298 cc V-Twin that other models in the house use. This is capable of offering up to 30 HP of power at 8,500 rpm and 23 Nm of maximum torquefigures that are obtained for example in the Benda BD300, although these could vary in the Street Shooter 250.

Visually, it reminds us of the emblematic Ducati Monster, although Benda gives his particular touch to the design of his next motorcycle. We do not know if the air intakes that are embedded in front of the fuel tank will be really functional. Other details such as the lower keel or the 17” alloy wheels help achieve the image desired by the brand.

Street Shooter 250: First details about Benda's next roadster

In any case, we have to wait until Benda offers us some more specific information about his next Street Shooter 250 (if it ends up being called that), and if it will finally end up being marketed, along with other models of the brand, on our continent, something still unconfirmed.

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