How to sell stock motorcycles that don't come out? Giving away electric bikespromotion-gasgas-in-north-america

In the American GASGAS dealerships (we are not aware that this promotion extends to other parts of the world), they offer their customers a succulent offer: For the purchase of some of its Offroad models, the brand gives you one of the electric bicycles that make up its range.

As we have learned from our colleagues at Ride Apart, this offer includes GASGAS models such as the MC-E3. MC 450 F, EX450, EW 500F and ES 500. And for their purchase they give their customers the choice between different versions of the GASGAS G Trail range completely free of charge. Among these options we can take one by the way. G Trail 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0models that start at approximately $3,500.

A really interesting GASGAS promotion

It is not very clear why the brand has chosen to launch this aggressive commercial promotion. Some of the Instagram comments, on the official website of one of the dealers that offer it, allude to the excessive stock of GASGAS motorcycles that these establishments currently have.

Somehow they have seen the possibility of giving them a way out by offering this striking promotion. In any case, it is worth asking what profit they may have from the sale of each frame. If they give away a GASGAS electric bicycle with each operation, it is obvious that the profit margin must be small, if not directly non-existent.

We cannot tell you about numbers, since we do not control the accounts of these official GASGAS dealers, but we can tell you that we find this offer really interesting. It's not bad at all to go buy your new dirt bike and find an electric bicycle as a gift… Or so they say.

In any case, we invite you to take a look at any of the official websites of these dealers participating in this offer. Although in Spain there is no news of a similar promotion, the brand's commercial activity in those parts is curious to say the least. Now we have to wait to see if it takes effect and they quickly dispatch the excess stock.

GASGAS promotion in North America

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