For sale one of the very few Suzuki/Dunstall GS1000 CS (Competition Special)

At the end of the 70s, the world of motorcycles and special preparations gave life to frames as iconic as this one. Suzuki/Dunstall GS1000 CS 1979. Under the commercial slogan “the ultimate combination of unparalleled performance and excellent handling”this GS1000 CS It promised 150 mph top speed and just 11.2 seconds to cover the 1/4 mile from a standstill.

Dunstall's beginnings in the world of two wheels take us back to the late 1950s, when he alternated his passion for competition with his work in the family motorcycle shop. Later, he would begin to shape his first preparations on Norton and Honda models.

At the end of the 70s he would do the same with Kawasaki and Suzuki models, as is the case of this one. GS1000 CS 1979. It is estimated that only a few units of this specific series were built, in addition to a few 200 specific kits to market to customers who already had a standard GS1000 and wanted to improve its performance.

This equipment consisted, among others, of a seat, front fairing, brake and gear levers, front fender, hardware, etc. However, the Dunstall GS1000, which were marketed with an identification plate on the chassis, had a series of improvements that managed to increase their performance in general terms.

For sale one of the very few Suzuki GS1000 Dunstall CS (Competition Special)

In addition to modifications to the frame itself, they had 29 mm Mikuni carburetors, higher cams, more rigid valve seals and a set of Dunstall Power silencers. As a result of these improvements, performance increased exponentially, something that was evident in the “150 mph” sticker stuck on one of its side covers.

As a curious fact, regarding Dunstall's preparations, as explained in detail in OTTW: “At the end of the 1970s, a way to import, for example, Hondas to countries like Spain – which restricted imports, especially of Japanese brands – had to be equipped with at least 30% of different parts. of the brand of origin.”

For sale one of the very few Suzuki GS1000 Dunstall CS (Competition Special)

“One solution was to equip Dunstall parts and accessories (half-handlebars, exhaust pipes and a profusion of logos from this company, covering the name and logo of the Japanese machine with a new layer of paint; but without retouching the engine, suspension , brakes, wheels etc. In the customs papers they were listed as Dunstall”.

1979 Suzuki/Dunstall GS1000 CS in detail

The specimen that we show you today and that we have discovered thanks to the colleagues at Bike Urious is for sale at Indianapolis, Indiana, in the famous Facebook Marketplace. As he explains, the seller himself is associated with the VIN S100144609 and although it does not have US documentation, it does have “plenty of documentation and death certificate of the previous owner.”

For sale one of the very few Suzuki GS1000 Dunstall CS (Competition Special)

Aesthetically, it has a broken front fairing, but the seller has another one custom made by Gustaffson Plastics in Florida. Likewise, it requires a general tune-up, since it has been stopped since last summer, at which time the carburetors were rebuilt at the local specialist Cycle Re Cycle.

The price required to get that little piece of history is 15,000 dollars, about 14,000 euros In return. For more information and all the details of this Dunstall GS1000 CS you can directly access the sales advertisement.

For sale one of the very few Suzuki GS1000 Dunstall CS (Competition Special)

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