Lana Del Rey, Coachella and her triumphant entrance: Suck that one, Lady Gaga!

If we talk to you about Elizabeth Woolridge Grant it may not sound familiar to you, but if we say Lana Del Rey you may have already heard of her. If you haven't heard anything at all, we'll briefly update you. Lana del Rey is one of the artists of the moment. She is American, born in 1985, has a retro aesthetic and touch and is a singer, songwriter, model, actress, writer, producer and poet.

But if she stands out in any area, it is in music, where she has managed to establish herself as one of the most commercial artists since, according to official figures, she has sold more than 19 million albums since 2020.

Even so, this alternative pop artist (although musical labels are complicated) has gotten here because of her performance at Coachella. And no, it's not that we have now become musical experts, it's that she appeared on stage on a motorcycle, which made a great impression on the thousands of people who were attending live.

Lana del Rey appeared on a motorcycle, yes, but with restrictions

And not even a big star is free from certain restrictions. For this reason, and although they allowed Lana Del Rey to carry out the performance, there were clear and concise orders that they had to follow.

It seems that, for safety reasons, they were recommended not to use motorcycles with combustion engines due to the risk of fire. Something strange in the middle of a desert. But having so many people surrounding them, it may make some sense to not let the fleet of motorcycles, since the corps de ballet accompanied Lana Del Rey on her ride, be loaded with gasoline.

In addition, the suits and the heat of the exhausts could certainly be a scare. The fact is that the motorcycles were electric and also had a clear limitation: they could not go more than 5 miles per hour. That is, 8 kilometers per hour to march, not one more. And you already know that in the United States they are very strict with limits.

What they didn't notice was an interesting detail and that is that at such low speed and with Lana Del Rey moving to greet, balance was complicated. You only have to see the face of the motorcycle driver, who, unlike the singer, was wearing a helmet.

It is not the first time that singers and motorcycles mix and, the truth is, it is even fun.

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