You can override the car's EGR valve, but should you?

The EGR valve It has always been a recurring theme in the motor world. Probably one of the most controversial elements due to its presence in a large percentage of the cars that fill our roads, but above all because it is prone to breaking down. This valve is used for exhaust gas recirculation (hence its acronym Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and has a tendency to get dirty in diesels that run at low rpm most of the time.

This results in the need for cleaning every time or unwanted breakdowns that can be quite costly. in case of poor maintenance. Although we have already discussed this topic on several occasions, we had not yet talked about another possibility that must also be taken into account. There are some users who do this override the EGR valve of the car so that it does not cause problems again. We are going to talk about this practice, how it is done, if it is legal and the advantages or disadvantages it may have.

How to override the EGR valve

If you are looking for the option of disabling the EGR valve, it is something that can be done in a fairly simple way by a professional. You have to take into account the type and then it can be canceled depending on how it is. In the case of the mechanical EGR For older engines, when they have a vacuum valve, it is enough to disconnect the tube from the intake intake and seal that area of ​​the valve or tube.

The most popular solution was always put a metal plate, a type of plate that directly prevents the burned gases from passing through the valve. It is the same thing that is also usually done in the electronic EGR more modern ones, in which they also choose to disconnect the cables that go from the control unit to the valve. Performing the physical fix is ​​done so that there are no reading errors and the warning signal does not light up on the instrument panel. At the software level it could also be reprogrammed so that the control unit believes that the valve is always open.

Is it legal to bypass the EGR valve?

The truth is that the practice of canceling the EGR valve is not as persecuted as others, but it's still not legal. We must not forget that this component is important for the approval of the vehicle and that its function is to reduce polluting emissions from the mechanics, therefore, not having it would be modifying its figures. Although it is not something that the authorities are going to review in a routine control, yes it is possible that they get caught to those who make this modification.

The MOTs are becoming stricter and exhaust emissions are now controlled, which is precisely what helps lower the EGR valve. In the inspection it is quite likely that the data will be higher than normal and that means that the vehicle will not pass it and you will have to try again.

Advantages of bypassing the EGR valve

  • The engine is kept cleaner, as no residue accumulates in the intake system or valves.
  • Improved power and response at low revs
  • Decrease in consumption at low-medium regime

Disadvantages of bypassing the EGR valve

  • Higher emissions, which can lead to failure to pass the ITV
  • Greater consumption in medium-high regime
  • More noise and more imprecise behavior at low revs
  • It takes longer to reach the optimal temperature

Our recommendation

As a general rule, it is never recommended override the EGR valve. We believe that if an element is there, as soon as we remove it or modify its behavior, it will affect the rest of the engine. Instead of disabling this valve, the most sensible option would be do good maintenance so that it does not get dirty or lead to breakdowns. It is important to do oil changes and inspections when they are due and clean the EGR when needed.

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