Galfer presents its new “Disc Shark” front for enduro and MX bikes

Galfer continues to innovate in the world of motorcycle accessories with its new Shark front disc, integrated into the range «Disc Shark» where we also find the same model intended for the rear axle. In both cases, these new discs have been developed for use on MX and enduro motorcycles.

The official presentation took place on June 17th on the track of Ciglione della Malpensa (Italy)with the presence of more than 15 journalists from the main European media specialising in off-road and the best Galfer riders in the Enduro and Motocross world championships. During the event, riders and journalists present had the opportunity to test the Shark front and rear disc set in action.

They were able to do so both on the historic Motocross track and on an Enduro circuit designed for this occasion. They put the new brake discs to the test in different driving and terrain conditions, demonstrating their versatility and high performance.

Journalists and riders widely appreciated the Shark disc set during the test day, confirming how they offer precise and safe braking, significantly improving the maneuverability and stability of the bike.

New Galfer “Disc Shark” front: Exceptional thermal behaviour

This is made possible by the innovative design of the disc, which contributes not only to high performance, but also to heat dissipation and reduced wear, while remaining very light.

Developed with the aim of solving the problem of overheating of brake discs, the “Disc Shark» It has exceptional thermal performance. This translates into a drastic reduction in temperatures during use, with specific benefits:

  • Lower working temperature: The “Disc Shark” drastically reduces the operating temperature, with a 30% decrease compared to other high-end discs currently on the market. In addition, it is made in a single piece for greater strength.
  • Unmatched stability: Even in the most unfavorable temperature conditions, the Disc Shark maintains stable and consistent performance at all times.
  • Maximum braking power: The “Disc Shark” has a 20% larger braking surface than our previous disc rangeincreasing pad contact time and braking power. The hole arrangement further improves braking by making the pad bite more aggressively.
  • Increased pad life: The “Disc Shark” increases the life of brake pads between 25% and 40% under normal conditions. The durability of the disc is also increased.

Galfer presents its new Shark front disc for enduro and MX bikes

Its innovative design has been studied to maximize heat dissipation and guarantee exceptional performance in any condition. Its main distinctive elements:

  • Holes and fins: These distinctive elements of the Galfer Shark range increase the contact surface of the disc with the air, favouring a more efficient and faster heat dispersion. This translates into a significant reduction in temperatures during usewith obvious benefits for component performance and durability.
  • Different thicknesses: The rear “Disc Shark” is available in two thicknesses: 5mm for Enduro and 4mm for MotocrossThis choice guarantees greater thermal capacity and resistance, allowing the disc to withstand the most intense conditions of each discipline.

Galfer presents its new Shark front disc for enduro and MX bikes

The innovative design of the front Shark disc does not just solve the problem of brake overheating, but offers off-road enthusiasts a number of specific advantages:

  • Powerful and modulable braking: In any situation, the “Disc Shark” guarantees powerful and precise braking, allowing the rider to modulate the braking force in absolute safety.
  • Increased safety: Especially on steep and challenging descents, the “Disc Shark” offers increased safety thanks to its ability to maintain stable performance even under conditions of strong thermal stress.
  • Superior Durability: The optimized design of the “Disc Shark” contributes to prolonging the durability of both the brake pads and the disc itself, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring a more economical driving experience over time.

Galfer presents its new Shark front disc for enduro and MX bikes

The new “Disc Shark” is the result of collaboration with the best international off-road drivers (Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman, among others). This innovative product meets previously unexpressed needs, guaranteeing excellent performance on difficult terrain and at high temperatures. The brake disc Galfer Shark The front disc has been developed with the same advanced technology and attention to detail that has made the rear disc a hit with both hobbyists and professionals alike.

With the introduction of this new product, Galfer continues to strengthen its position as a market leader in high-performance brake components. With the Shark front disc, Galfer completes this range of products and reaffirms its leadership in the braking components sector for off-road motorcycles, offering a product capable of meeting the highest demands in terms of performance, safety and durability.

Galfer presents its new Shark front disc for enduro and MX bikes

The new front and rear “Disc Shark” range is available for the main off-road motorcycle models from the brands KTM, GasGas, Husqvarna, Beta, Honda, Sherco, Yamaha, Stark and TM Racing. In a second step they will also be developed for models from Kawasaki, Suzuki, Ducati and Rieju.

The official price of the new front “Disc Shark” is €135 + VATwhile the rear disc is located in the €125 + VATregardless of its thickness, 5 mm for Enduro or 4 mm for Motocross. More information on the official Galfer website.

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