How to make a long trip safely

In the summer months most people plan some travel by car in these hot months. Without a doubt, on many occasions it is the cheapest option and even the most comfortable, but before making the trip the first thing we must do is plan it correctly, in order to be as prepared as possible and avoid unwanted setbacks during the journey to our destination.

To do this, you must take into account the following aspects:

1. Plan the route carefully

Always choose roads in good condition and, whenever possible, motorways or highways, as they can sometimes save us time and fuel. This includes finding out about weather conditions and the state of the roads. This way we will avoid unforeseen events that make us lose time on our precious holidays.

2. Check the car

In addition to having the annual inspections up to date, we must check the condition of some of the basic elements of a car, including: the oil level, brakes, lights, battery, steering, suspension, electrical system, ignition and injection system, windshield washer fluid, coolant, steering fluid and seats.

In any case, it is advisable to take your car to a garage to have these checks carried out. We insist that none of these elements should be neglected, as they are essential for the correct functioning of our vehicle and, in the event of a breakdown, can ruin our holidays.

3. Things that should not be missing in the car

Spare wheel, jack and wrench (or puncture repair kit), a first aid kit, a reflective vest, a flashlight, a pair of approved emergency triangles, as well as all the documentation necessary for driving.

4. Protect yourself from the sun

90% of the information that a driver processes is received through the eyes and sometimes, the excess light that enters through the windshield causes discomfort and prevents us from seeing well (25% of drivers admit to having experienced risky situations due to glare). What to do? With the sun in front of you, always lower both parasols front: you will reduce your vision surface without affecting your perception of the road.

The sunglasses polarized They have a lens that improves contrast and vision in situations where light is reflected off the ground or water. This eliminates annoying road reflections, improving your visual acuity and making your eyes more relaxed during the trip. This guide will help you choose the best sunglasses for driving.

5. Children with restraint systems and a chair appropriate for their age

They should also have enough entertainment to keep them entertained during the trip and not distract the driver too much. Pregnant women should also be careful: in certain cases it will not be advisable to make long journeys and more caution than usual will have to be taken. This advice also applies to people with serious illnesses or those who may run some kind of risk during the trip that could worsen their health.

6. Breaks every two hours at most

Perform a series of stretches during the break, which will help reactivate blood circulation.

7. Adequate temperature

Did you know that if four people travel in a closed car with the air conditioning turned off, in about 15 minutes you will be breathing dangerous levels of CO2 and you will fall asleep? Yes. ventilation system A car changes the air inside up to 20 times per hour, so you can breathe healthy air inside your car.

With more than 22ºC in the passenger compartment, it is easy to become drowsy. If the temperature is exceeded 27ºC, the risk of accident increases by 11%. If the temperature reaches 32ºC, 22%. It is better to travel cool and a little warm than to travel in excessive heat.

Ford’s Healthy Interiors Center in Germany says that when it’s hot it’s better to drive in light clothing, as it reflects heat (dark clothing absorbs it). acrylic fibers They also retain heat. And don’t go without a shirt: the more part of your body you have covered with light and light cotton clothingthe cooler you will be.

According to a study by the British Automobile Club, smells affect driving. Some will relax you behind the wheel (mint, cinnamon, lemon and coffee), and others will increase your aggressiveness (fast food, cakes). Air fresheners that smell like chamomile, jasmine and lavendercause drowsiness.

8. Drive without distractions

No smoking, drinking, using your mobile phone or satnav… In addition to distracting your attention from the road, your reaction time in the event of an unforeseen event can be multiplied by five.

And be careful with music. At the University of Dortmund in Germany, they have been studying the influence of music on driving since the 1990s. Avoid music that excites you or encourages you to drive faster. Pop music fans tend to drive faster and more aggressively than classical music lovers, who drive more calmly. But beware: symphonic music, with its frequent changes of rhythm, can cause more distractions.

9. Eat light before traveling

We have already talked about how to eat well before travelling. Avoid heavy, greasy or sugary meals, as they cause heaviness or drowsiness, especially in hot weather. The ideal is to eat something light before setting off on the journey and then, at each stop, eat a piece of fruit or a light snack.

10. Loose objects

A clear cabin free of moving objects during the trip promotes relaxation. Therefore, avoid hanging objects from the rearview mirror and keep the rear shelf as clear as possible to prevent objects from flying out and hitting the occupants if you brake suddenly. It is worth reading our advice on how to properly load the trunk and, if you travel with petsremember that they must be well secured to avoid problems.

All of these tips are useful whenever you are Drive with caution and obey traffic rulesSo we invite you to take a trip and put these tips into practice, it will undoubtedly be an unforgettable vacation.

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