Harley-Davidson launches web series about its recent participation in the Africa Eco Race 2024

Harley-Davidson has launched a web series who accompanies the elite Dakar driver, Joan Pedreroon his journey to complete the Africa Eco Race on the back of a Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250, the first Harley-Davidson Adventure Touring model.

The web series shows the incredible journey of the race over five episodes, following Pedrero all the way from Monaco to Lak Rose, Dakar, showcasing the extreme capabilities of the Pan America 1250.

Harley-Davidson Web Series in Detail

The new sweb series offers viewers the opportunity to see behind the scenes of the adventure, including how Pedrero prepared for the race and how the Pan America 1250 unfolded in the desert. Pedrero exceeded expectations and showed what the motorcycle was really capable of.

This web series It unfolds over five episodes:

  • EP 1 – Traces in the sand: Joan Pedrero reflects on his Dakar past as he prepares for the grueling Africa Eco Race. A challenge of enormous proportions traveling more than 6,000 kilometers through the most treacherous terrain in the world.
  • EP 2 – Unity and fight: Joan and her team demonstrate the fundamental role of teamwork and meticulous preparation in overcoming the challenges of the Africa Eco Race. Embodying the spirit of “United, we ride”.
  • EP 3 – ancient africa: Joan and the Pan America face the harsh landscapes of Mauritania, where adapting to the hostile environment and respecting the desert becomes crucial for survival.
  • EP 4 – Calm in the storm: In the midst of the turmoil of the race, the deep bond between driver and machine emerges, highlighting the importance of calm, adaptability and determination to reach the finish line.
  • EP 5 – Learned lessons: The end and term of the journey. It marks the culmination of the physical and mental resistance shared by Joan Pedrero and Pan America.

Harley-Davidson launches web series about its recent participation in the Africa Eco Race 2024

Let us remember that Pedrero finished 1st in the maxitrail category and 25th overall of this 15th edition of the Africa Eco Race. Kolja Rebstockregional vice president of Harley-Davidson for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, commented at its conclusion:

“We are delighted with the result of this race and the incredible performance of Joan Pedrero. “Our brand is rooted in adventure and performance, and for the Panamericana to complete this race is a fantastic example of how we continue to exceed expectations by pushing the boundaries of technology and performance.”

Harley-Davidson launches web series about its recent participation in the Africa Eco Race 2024

Brand followers are invited to enjoy this web series about the race by clicking here. More news and updates about Harley-Davidson or any of the models that make up its 2024 range by visiting the brand’s official website in our country.

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