Daytona 200 2024: High tension between walls

The history of the Daytona 200 dates back to the 1950s, and the tradition that local fans had of racing along the beach in Daytona. Today, 82 editions later, it is still as exciting or more than in its beginnings, although since 1961 it has not been held on the beach but on the impressive layout of the Daytona circuit and its terrible 31-degree banks.

Even so, although for us it is still striking, the truth is that the locals and the foreign pilots have quite accepted it. And this year almost 70 drivers have taken part in the qualifiers that gave them the option to compete in the Daytona 200.

Among them we had two Spaniards. One is the MotoAmerica champion and incombustible Xavi Forés, who managed to qualify in sixth position, and Diego Pérez, who made his way in the Daytona 200 starting from 34th place.

Mixed luck for the Spanish in the Daytona 200 2024

The objectives for Foréx and Pérez were different, since Xavi aspired to everything while for Diego experience and progress was the goal. Unfortunately, Forés could not show his abilities for a long time and the Yamaha R6 that he was riding said enough on the second lap.

A bitter way to end his participation in the race, after arriving practically at the last minute to cover a last-minute loss. The Valencian was left with a bad taste in his mouth after being one of the leading drivers all weekend and, also, with the desire to have been able to battle with number 1 in the fairing. Even so, as always, Forés once again demonstrated that he does not lack talent and conditions and that when there is a motorcycle he is capable of anything.

For his part, Diego Pérez started from the back of the grid, although in the Daytona 200 taking into account all the time ahead of them and the 57 laps of the Daytona International SpeedWay, he had to take it easy.

So step by step Pérez was building a solid career, coming back, avoiding problems and reaching an incredible seventeenth position, which vindicates the work he is doing in the shadows.

As for the victory, Josh Herrin managed to take it and also with solvency at the controls of his Ducati Panigale V2. Only Richie Escalante was able to follow him closely, but entering the last lap of the race, when he was six seconds behind Herrin, he ran out of gas to finish fifth. That undoubtedly benefited Tyler Scott and Hayden Gillim who crossed the finish line second and third respectively.

Of course, things went worse for the Triumph project and although they aspired to everything, neither Peter Hichman nor Richard Cooper were able to finish the race. A tough setback that shows that the cliché of “anything can happen in racing” is still true.

Happy drivers

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