Harley-Davidson opens Davidson Park, a megapark for fans of the brand

Harley-Davidson has just opened Davidson Park, its new community park located on its Juneau Avenue campus in Milwaukee. This project has been led by the Harley-Davidson Foundation, and developed jointly with the British design studio Heatherwick Studio. By the way, we already told you about this project when it was first taking shape.

The nearly five-acre park, which was once a parking lot, has been transformed into a green space for residents and visitors to enjoy on Milwaukee’s Near West Side. Other local businesses, including HGA and Greenfire Management Services, have also helped build it.

Jochen ZeitzPresident and CEO of Harley-Davidsonhas declared: “We started this project with a clear goal: to strengthen our connection with Milwaukee, a city that has been our home for more than 120 years.«.

He Mr. Zeitzkeep going: “No matter how fast we move forward, we must never forget our roots. This project celebrates our heritage and demonstrates Harley-Davidson’s commitment to the well-being of our communities.”.

Davidson Park

What is Davidson Park like?

The park features a variety of facilities designed to encourage community engagement and enjoyment of nature. At its heart is “The Hub“a multi-purpose space and amphitheater, surrounded by rich vegetation, including species sacred to the Potawatomi tribe. Naturally, the design uses local materials and incorporates sustainable infrastructure for stormwater management.

Main Street, the park’s main pedestrian thoroughfare, is designed to host events such as local farmers markets and food stands, connecting key areas such as the playground, community lawn, and a picnic hill.

Union Plaza serves as the main entrance and provides a versatile space for pop-up markets and events.

Davidson Park

The park also features North and South Gardens, which offer shaded areas for relaxation and community activities, and the Little Legends Play Area, which is entirely kid-friendly and features nature-inspired games. There are also other hillside areas for special events, including the 1903 Tavern, for a refreshment, and the Potawatomi Serenity Garden, an ideal spot for contemplation and meditation – or perhaps just for a little peace.

Davidson Park is designed as an inclusive space for everyone to enjoy. Future plans for the Juneau Avenue campus call for the creation of a “Steam” and the central competition headquarters of Harley-Davidson. The lab will offer educational resources and training in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Meanwhile, the HD competition headquarters will provide a fascinating insight into the history of Harley-Davidson in competition.

Davidson Park

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