The upcoming BMW R 1300 RS is just around the corner. The latest render shows us what it could look like

Another one that is destined to dazzle BMW Motorrad lovers is the long-awaited BMW R 1300 RS which, along with the BMW R 1300 R and BMW R 1300 RT, are taking a long time to arrive. However, we can always rely on the magic of virtual artist Kar Lee Design who, together with his colleagues at Motorrad Online, offers us his particular vision of what the Bavarian brand could be preparing.

BMW R 1300 RS, what is expected from the model

As expected, the R 1300 RS It should be the next BMW mount to arrive in the current 1300 range. Like the ADV model, its 1,300 cc two-cylinder boxer engine is expected to deliver a power never less than 145 hp at 7,750 rpm declared by the GS, together with a maximum torque of 149 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

What is also more than likely, as with the trail model, is that the R 1300 RS will be equipped with the new Automated Shift Assistant (ASA) as an option, which if nothing prevents it will debut in the new Adventure variant of the model. This features an intelligent functional design in which two electromechanical actuators automate the clutch and gear shifting of the six-speed transmission, which is the main difference to a conventional shift assistant.

On the other hand, we have key aspects in the chassis, where the German brand will base itself on the chassis-engine platform used in the GS. The main frame made of sheet steel has been optimized in terms of installation space, offering greater levels of rigidity than the previous model. For the rear frame, the previous steel tube structure has been replaced by a die-cast aluminum construction.

Kar Lee shows us what the new BMW R 1300 RS could end up looking like thanks to his latest render of the long-awaited model

Finally, we must talk about equipment, design and finishes, where the R 1300 RS is expected to take a step forward in general terms. Here the brand could sharpen its front end even more, keeping the half fairing already known from the model. It is also more than likely that work will be done on improving aspects such as rider protection and an improvement in the Cx that the R 1250 RS currently claims.

All this without forgetting those technological and comfort elements that BMW makes available to us, whether standard or optional; front and rear radar, cornering lighting or heated grips and seats should be among them. Also a good connectivity system, as well as GPS navigation.

Kar Lee shows us what the new BMW R 1300 RS could end up looking like thanks to his latest render of the long-awaited model

The question is when will the new R 1300 RS be available? Everything points to it being the next fall when the brand makes the official presentation of the model, and the beginning of 2025 as the moment in which the first units will arrive at the brand’s dealerships, although all this is still to be confirmed.

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