Honda Monkey Dragon Ball by Cub House, love for manga and motorcycles

May we show you at this moment the Honda Monkey Dragon Ball by Cub HouseAs you might imagine, it is not something random. In fact, and as we all know, unfortunately this week left us Akira Toriyamathe genius behind the iconic Japanese comic Dragon Ball, a master of the art of manga.

In fact, his death has plunged legions of fans who love the Dragon Ball universe around the world into the deepest sadness. ToriyamaIn addition to his passion for adventures, he also expressed his love for vehicles in this comic masterpiece.

And as a sign of respect towards this legendary creator, Cub House has shared the special edition again on its networks. Monkey 125 Dragon Ballreleased in 2019.

This fact has fueled hope among the most fervent fans that this little treasure, with its Dragon Ball-inspired design, may become available again. I hope we see this Sling in the dealerships again, who knows…

Honda Monkey Dragon Ball by Cub House

This is the Honda Monkey Dragon Ball by Cub House

Logically, this special edition of the Honda Monkey Dragon Ball It is adorned with distinctive elements of the series, such as the carbon fiber tank with the Dragon Ball dragon engraved on it, and the epic figure of the turtle decorating the sides.

Although maybe this Monkey may not be as luxurious as other editions, it is undoubtedly a super attractive collaboration for die-hard Dragon Ball fans. Surely, the units that are for sale will have risen in value like crazy, no wonder.

As we have learned, this special edition sold out quickly after its launch in 2019, with a price of approximately 3,000 euros. However, given the tragic news of the death of Toriyamathe possibility of relaunching this Sling limited edition.

Honda Monkey Dragon Ball by Cub House

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