Honda, winner of four Red Dot awards 2024

Honda has announced that the EM1 electric moped and the Motocompact ultra-compact folding electric scooter were named winners of the Red Dot 2024 in the Product Design discipline of the competition. This is the fifth consecutive year that Honda products have won an award. Red Dot.

Red Dot Design Awards 2024: Honda and its bets on the future

Honda EM1 e:

Developed under the concept of creating a “'perfect' electric scooter for people”the EM1 e: is an electric moped for personal use powered by the interchangeable battery Honda Mobile Power Pack e:. The EM1 e: features simple, slim packaging achieved by optimizing the design of key components.

High-brightness LEDs are adopted for the lights, which contributes to greater peace of mind for customers while driving at night. The headlight features a simple, flush-surface design, highlighting the iconic look of the model.

Honda Motocompact

The Motocompact is a modern, all-electric version of the Honda Motocompo, which was originally introduced in 1981 as a “trunk bike” designed to fit inside a Honda City. Developed as a “first and last mile” mobility solution that was intended to be used in combination with an electric vehicle.

The Motocompact can be folded into an easy-to-transport configuration, allowing it to be loaded and unloaded from a standard B-segment vehicle and stored in a small space. The design also allows for a high level of customization and customer adaptation through the application of stickers and other decorations.

Honda winner of four Red Dot Winners 2024 awards

Other Honda winners at the Red Dot Design Awards 2024

The other two winners of the brand, winners of the Red Dot 2024 were the BF350 outboard motora 4,952 cc V8 that achieves a high level of quiet operation and low vibration by adopting a newly designed crankshaft.

Also the robot Miimo electric and autonomous lawnmower. This has an automatic charging function and satellite assisted location function. In addition, it stands out for its compact shape and a low center of gravity that allows the lawnmower to move even in the smallest of spaces.

Honda winner of four Red Dot Winners 2024 awards

Toshinobu MinamiGeneral Manager, COO, Design Center, Honda R&D Co., Ltd. said: “We are honored to be winners of the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2024, a world-class design award.”

And continues: “The EM1 e:, Motocompact, BF350 and Miimo designs represent Honda's passion for moving people physically, moving people's hearts and expanding dreams around the world. “We believe a lot of people understood and shared that passion, which resulted in Honda winning the Red Dot.”

Honda winner of four Red Dot Winners 2024 awards

Concludes: “Honda will continue to surprise and inspire people around the world by creating the mobility that Honda dreams of. As we are driven by the power of our dreams, we will strive to become a company that moves people and society forward.”

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