Honda’s 2025 CB range will come in two retro flavours: 1000 and 400

The followers of the golden wing firm are waiting like May water for the arrival of the new CB 2025 rangewhich increasingly seems to be featuring guest stars in the form of models or variants of existing ones. This means that the future Honda CB1000 Hornet could be officially presented in company, although it is not yet very clear whether during this year or in the next season.

In any case, the colleagues at Young Machine continue to speculate about what is to come. This includes a complete CB range in which the return of the CB400, discontinued by the brand last year, cannot be missed. In addition, it is very likely to be equipped with the recent and innovative Honda E-Clutch electronic clutch.

The CB 2025 range could arrive with some surprises

This would be just the beginning of a CB range full of new features. Apparently, the brand plans the return of a large-displacement CB variant, maintaining the model’s characteristic neo-retro image. Although the CB1000 Hornet would cover the gap within the multi-purpose maxinaked, this would unfold into a more classic image version.

The reason is none other than the cessation of production of an icon within the ranks of Honda, the CB1300. That is why Honda would have a variant of the CB1000 Hornet intended to cover this loss. The solution to be able to offer this version involves the addition of a round front headlight, as well as some finishing touches in line with the philosophy of the original CB range, with the CB750 Four from 1969 as its beginning.

New details on Honda's future CB 2025 range

The rest of the components and technical features would remain unchanged from the standard version of the model. This involves using the CBR Fireblade’s four-cylinder engine, high-specification chassis and premium equipment. We are talking about the engine that debuted on the 2017 CBR1000RR Fireblade, although conveniently adapted to the needs of this 2025 CB1000.

This has 999 cc, DOHC and 16 V cylinder head, with more than 140 HP of maximum power and 104 Nm of maximum torqueIt would be anchored to a completely new double-beam steel chassis, supported by a suspension set equipped with a fork. Showa SFF-BP USD 41mm with adjustable compression and rebound damping and a Showa rear shock absorber acting on Pro-Link articulation.

New details on Honda's upcoming CB 2025 range

The braking system features radially mounted four-piston calipers and 310 mm floating discs and works in conjunction with a state-of-the-art ABS system. All of this would confirm that Honda’s new CB range would combine the brand’s classic aesthetics with the latest technological advances in the sector like no other.

Something, on the other hand, that the Japanese firm knows how to do like no one else and that in the past it has shown us, time and time again, with motorcycles as excellent as the aforementioned CB1300 and CB400 that were marketed until very recently, and that is very likely they will return in 2025 in the form of new models.

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