Honda’s battery can power a motorcycle or your home. Even with photovoltaic charging

Honda continues to advance on its path to achieving carbon neutrality and does so thanks to products such as its new Honda Mobile Power Pod and:a portable power supply with a power of 1,500 WRecently launched for the Japanese market, the brand hopes to be able to market it very soon in other parts of the world.

Thus, after the launch of the HPPEe (Honda Power Pack Exchanger e) project, the Japanese brand now offers us an alternative with which to recharge our batteries in a comfortable and simple way. In addition, the Japanese firm expands its field of action beyond the world of two wheels, with multiple possibilities in different sectors.

Honda Mobile Power Pod e: The recharge of the future

Among the main features offered by the new Honda Mobile Power Pod e: we can highlight:

  • Depending on the number of Mobile Power Pod e: units, we can guarantee the amount of power required according to the situation.
  • Electricity can be shared between products using Mobile Power Pack and:
  • Compatible to work with solar panels
  • Adaptable to different work and use environments

Power Pod e:, the latest technical resource that Honda offers us to charge our batteries

Other relevant data of this portable power source are related to its main dimensions. Honda declares maximum dimensions of 385mm x 269mm x 430mm in terms of its maximum length, width and height. The weight of the Honda Mobile Power Pack e: is 13.4 kilograms.

It has AC and photovoltaic inputs and a USB output. Its maximum recharge time is 4 hours. In addition, the brand offers us a range of accessories fully compatible with this generator, such as the Honda e: Mobile Power Pack or an external charger.

Power Pod e:, the latest technical resource that Honda offers us to charge our batteries

The Japanese firm has announced a starting price of 246,400 yen, approximately 1,400 euros to change. For more information and details you can consult the official Honda website in Japan by clicking on this link.

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