If one day you get a Formula 1 wheel you will want to make this coffee table

You get a Formula 1 rim fitted with a tire. With just a piece of tempered glass you can make a coffee table that will be the envy of anyone. In the case of the one we see in this article, it is an APP Tech rim with Pirelli P-Zero tires (with a soft compound, specifically), which were used by Carlos Sainz in his debut season with the Scuderia Toro Rosso in 2015.

Having been used by Carlos Sainz gives this piece of furniture extra appeal for collectors. Let us remember that Sainz Junior (son of the double world rally and four-time Dakar champion), after using this wheel, went to the Renault team in 2017 and from there to McLaren and Ferrari, replacing Sebastian Vettel and beating Charles Leclerc on numerous occasions, considered one of the fastest drivers on the grid.

Sainz, with 19 podiums and two victories to date, has had to prove that he is a member of the most exclusive grid in the world because of his own driving skills and not because of who his father is… And not even like that, anymore that Scuderia Ferrari signed Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 season and Sainz is without a seat at the moment…

We imagine Sainz and his deliberations with heads of other teams around a table like this. Or the table in our living room, with that glass over the tire through which you can see the green nut still in its original place.

The circular tempered glass table measures approximately 39.3 cm high by 70 cm wide and you can easily remove the glass if you wish. It was sold a month ago for just $1,402. Much more expensive than a Lack from Ikea, of course, but with much more history. Of course, with the white band of a hard compound it would look much better in my living room.


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