Suzuki's last dance at the Suzuka 8 Hours

Fun, efficient and fast, tremendously fast. This is the Suzuki GSX-R1000R, the latest great sports car from the Japanese firm that, at least for the moment, cannot be sold in Europe due to pollution legislation.

That does not mean that, on the one hand, it continues to be marketed in other countries where the regulations are different. And on the other hand, it is a competitive motorcycle and even more so if we talk about endurance racing.

Thanks to SERT, the Suzuki GSX-R1000R has experienced great moments in the endurance and can still bring some more joy because this year it will compete in the Suzuka 8 Hours. The most important race of the entire year for Japanese manufacturers will once again feature the presence of the Hamamatsu thousand, but in a special way.

And with the help of Team Suzuki CN Challenge they will put on the track a machine that will use, on the one hand, sustainable fuel with 40% organic material and on the other, components that they have called “more environmentally sustainable”.

The Suzuki GSX-R1000R will be a kind of test bed for the future

A commitment by Suzuki to not give up high performance and competition, but that goes further. As stated by Tsuyoshi Tanaka, executive general director of Suzuki Motorcycle Operations, they will test sustainable components with the future of the industry in mind.

Resistance is an excellent test bed, because you have to combine competitiveness with durability, that is, getting the most out of each component but without causing it to break. In fact, the idea according to Tanaka himself is to aim for higher goals in the coming years.

In the exhaust it includes a small catalyst

As for the components, for example the Yoshimura exhaust, unlike what happens in competition, has a silencer in which there is a small catalyst capable of trapping some contaminants. Also the oil, in this case from Motul, has a base of biological origin.

This first step by Suzuki is, without a doubt, good news and not only to see how they are still interested in competition and are ambitious for the future, but also because of the steps taken to take care of the environment and to be able to implement it in other models. Of the brand.

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