SEAT will stop marketing the MÓ 50 and 125 scooters to focus on other projects

SEAT continues to find its way in the technological and commercial tangle that the current automotive sector has become. In fact, the Spanish brand has announced the cessation of production of its range of electric scooters, currently made up of the well-known MÓ 50 and MÓ 125, both developed by Silence.

We would have to go back to the end of 2019 to understand why SEAT has made this decision and what are the future plans of the company, currently in the hands of Wayne Griffithspresident of the same and ideologue of SEAT MÓ, who has held the position since October 2020.

Change of course in SEAT's commercial strategy

It is at the end of that season when SEAT presented the first concept of the MÓ in the Smart City Expo World Congress of Barcelona. Already then, the brand's managers were giving the first hints of the future they were preparing for it. Luca Meo, president of SEAT at that time, commented:

“The continuous growth of large cities makes achieving efficient mobility one of the main challenges. Today, we take another step in our urban micromobility strategy, confirming the first eScooter in the history of the brand.”

SEAT will stop marketing the MÓ 50 and 125 to focus on other projects

Undoubtedly, SEAT, like most brands in the sector, took for granted the government's financial support to be able to promote these types of products. However, in recent times this issue seems to have taken a backseat and Griffiths has shown his discomfort about it in different statements.

Something little understandable, on the other hand, taking into account that SEAT and Cupra closed 2023 with 548 million euros of profits. However, the accounts are still not working out within the brand's e-scooter range, so the management team has chosen to start with a clean slate.

SEAT will stop marketing the MÓ 50 and 125 to focus on other projects

In fact, it seems that the idea of ​​liquidating SEAT's range of cars by 2030 is being abandoned. Now the plans are to generate different electric variants of models as relevant as the Ibiza.

Also for the creation of a possible quadricycle, as pointed out by Le Repaire Des Motards, similar to the Citroën AMI and Fiat Topolino, probably derived from the new Silence SO4.

In any case, for now, SEAT advertise succulents discounts for MÓ 50 and MÓ 125, with discounts of 700 and 1,200 euros respectively, on the initial sales price.

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