Morini Camel 501 motorcycle from 1987

The Motorcycle Morini Camel 501 They arrived to take over from the previous ones Camel 500 which, in turn, were an evolution of the 350 cc models equipped with the well-known twin-cylinder engine in V at 72º air-cooled, and with two valves per cylinder, which Franco Lambertini had worked on since the early 1970s.

Already in the 80s, low and medium displacement trail bikes had become very fashionable after the rise of the Paris-Dakar. In this way, Moto Morini brought the diameter of the cylinders of its well-known V-Twin up to 71 mm, maintaining the 64 mm stroke that it already presented in its latest evolution, finally presenting this Camel 501.

In addition, he coated the inside of the cylinders with Nikasil and included new short skirt pistons, helping to maintain an efficient rpm range, especially in the upper part of the rev counter. Valves with a larger diameter and cams with a greater lift were also part of the modifications made to the veteran Italian engine.

In food we found two Dell'Orto PHBH 28 BS and the compression was raised to the 11.5:1. In this way, it was possible to extract a final power of 45 HP at 8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 44.8 Nm at 6,000 revolutions. If we add to this the lightness of the set, barely 152 kilograms dry, we assume that this Camel 501 It was an efficient mount ready to face any challenge.

Dream motorcycles for sale: Moto Morini Camel 501 from 1987

Some important information about this 1987 Morini Camel 501 Motorcycle

Now we have found this copy that is for sale on Facebook Marketplace, specifically in San Jose, California. Although the information detailed in the advertisement is conspicuous by its absence, we can see how we are looking at a unit that needs love to return it to its original splendor.

The owner explains that he has some 15 years stopped, but it starts perfectly and a new chain has also been fitted. In order to get hold of it we must pay $3,600about 3,375 euros, although it is open to coherent offers.

More information and details by clicking here.

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