The camouflaged motorcycles of the Civil Guard are back to stay

A couple of summers ago the DGT announced one of its star measures: camouflaged Civil Guard motorcycles. They were going to operate on specific sections with high accident rates for motorcycles and the advantage they offered was that, from the outside, the rest of the users would not know if they were with a normal user or with any of the camouflaged motorcycles that were going to circulate.

This measure, which as we say has been implemented for two years, is part of the special surveillance operations and other measures that the DGT has taken or are considering to reduce the accident rate.

And the profile of motorcycle accidents, always according to the data offered by the DGT itself, is quite clear as Navarro himself recognized at the International Motorcycle Road Safety Conference that was held in Zaragoza. With clear and direct language, Navarro said as reported by El Motor about the objective and that is that “motorists don't kill each other”.

Camouflaged motorcycles to protect motorcyclists

As we said, the profile is clear and that is that 70% of accidents with fatalities occur on the road compared to 30% in the city. But the thing is that 3 out of every 4 accidents with fatalities happen on the weekend, with a user profile also quite defined: “between 35 and 54 years old, average of 10 years of driving license, with the A and like high-displacement motorcycles.”

But in addition, Navarro recognized that we must try to minimize all options and, in addition to education and fines, confirmed that they will seek to take measures both for the cities and to improve road safety.

And not only that. The measure of having camouflaged motorcycles circulating responds to Pere Navarro's conviction that education alone is not enough. So in addition to trying to improve that aspect, he trusts that the “stick syrup” is what affects the most in the long run.

In any case, in these statements neither the number of camouflaged motorcycles nor the locations were confirmed nor if control will be increased, only that it will be one of the crutches on which the DGT relies in seeking to reduce road accidents.

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