The FIM Rally plants trees to offset the CO2 emissions of its participants

The 77th edition of the Rally FIM that would be celebrated from June 26 to 28 in Chianciano Terme, Italy This year it hopes to have around 1,000 participants from all corners of Europe, including some of them legacies from other parts of the world.

Now that green is in fashion, the Italian Motorcycling Federation (FMI), organizer of the Rally on behalf of the International Federation, is promoting some sense-oriented projects.

The first of them was recently held in Chianciano Terme, in the Parco a Valle, where 80 children from four schools The primaries planted more than 30 white mulberry trees to, apparently, offset the carbon dioxide emissions of the FIM Rally.

According to the organization of the event, everything was possible thanks to the collaboration between the FMI Tourism Commission and the FMI Environment Commission and the support of local institutions and authorities. In addition, it included, among others, the participation of the mayor of Chianciano Terme, Andrea Marchetti.

Also the vice president of the FMI, the president of the FMI Tourism Commission, Rocco Lopardo, the head of Institutional Relations of the FMI, Francesca Marozza, the counselor of School and Education of Chianciano Terme, Laura Ballati, Lieutenant Colonel Alberto Veracini and the Deputy Chief of Police, Enza De Fusco.

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In June, fans from more than 30 countries will arrive in Tuscany. During the FIM Rally, each tree will be decorated with a national flag. This is the first of many initiatives that will promote environmental sustainability. These include reducing plastic waste, collecting and donating surplus food, and sharing the event with local associations and communities.

Andrea Marchettimayor of Chianciano Terme said: “We will host the FIM Rally with great pride and today's event, with 80 children involved, was really an important step. Attention to environmental sustainability is a topic in which we, together with the Federation, believe a lot because we think it is a priority in the organization of an international event.”

The FIM Rally plants trees to offset the CO2 emissions of its participants

Concludes: “It is exciting to know that these trees will enrich the greenery of Parco a Valle and, above all, will leave an incredible legacy. “I see and anticipate great enthusiasm from my citizens for this event and I am confident that it will be a success.”

For your part Rocco Lopardovice president of the FMI and president of the Tourism Commission comments: “He FIM Rally It is getting closer, just over three months away, and the organization is advancing rapidly. “We have studied a sustainable event and the planting of 30 whiteberries is the first step to make this idea a reality.”

Concludes: “I want to thank the mayor of Chianciano Terme, the carabinieri and the police for their constant support and participation. “The legacy of the FIM Rally is also in this plantation and in the smiles of the youngest.”

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