If you like restorations, this “time lapse” of a Honda CB1300 coming to life will hypnotize you

Who doesn't love a good restoration video? Especially one that is very in-depth and presented in an easy-to-watch (time lapse) video format. This is exactly what we bring you on this occasion, the last of Autumn Car Playing that addresses the revival of an epic Honda CB1300.

By the way, this CB1300 It was acquired for a practically nominal amount, as the people of ACP in the video. It was an abandoned motorcycle that demanded a high dose of love and good hands. Of course, it's no wonder.

This is how they restore this epic Honda CB1300

After some adjustments to the carburetor, the engine came to life, albeit with smoke and a harsh sound. That was the moment when it became clear that a restoration from scratch was necessary.

The people of ACP He wasted no time in dismantling it to the bare chassis. In a matter of minutes (in the video), the bike went from a barely functioning machine to a large number of parts strewn across the workshop floor.

Honda CB1300

After what probably took at least a few weeks of work, we are shown a wide variety of new and reconditioned parts ready to be installed, all in an attempt to breathe new life into this heavyweight motorcycle.

There are extremely detailed images of ACP rebuilding the engine and all mechanical components. In fact, the footage is so well detailed that using it as a reference to tackle your own DIY projects might not be a bad idea.

Honda CB1300

Once the engine was assembled, it was ready to be put back into the frame, along with all the other new and reconditioned parts. And as quickly as the Sling, ACP He put everything back together in a matter of minutes. Again, thanks to the magic of time lapse.

With everything reassembled, the bike is almost unrecognizable from its previous state. So much so that you might even think it's a completely new bike.

Restoration videos like these are great, whether you like to restore motorcycles yourself or just want to play a nice, satisfying video in the background.

Honda CB1300

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