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Husqvarna Motorcycles presents its new MX 2025 range with up to seven new frames for the new season. The multiple technical updates include various revisions to the chassis, engine mountings, bodywork and suspension adjustments, as well as the arrival of two 2-stroke models added to the range: the TC 150 and TC 300.

Husqvarna MX 2025 range in detail

Based on the class-leading TC 125, the new TC 150 bridges the gap between the TC 125 and the TC 250. Offering greater maximum power and a significant increase in torque, the TC 150 is the perfect machine for riders looking to close the gap when competing with 250cc 4-stroke machines.

Assembled with competition-proven components, the TC 150 undoubtedly reinforces MX 2025 range from Husqvarna Motorcycles. The same philosophy applies to the new TC 300. Using the proven base of the TC 250, the 300 cc model is capable of competing with 450 cc 4-stroke bikes thanks to its versatile engine that offers superior torque and performance. high level maximum.

The TC 300 offers us an efficient combination of power and manageability in a lightweight package. The FC 250 and FC 350 continue to be powered by state-of-the-art DOHC engines, designed to be lightweight and play a vital role in improving overall performance.

Along with the FC 450, the motocross flagship manufactured by Husqvarna Motorcycles, all 4-stroke models incorporate the latest technologies and electronic riding aids for superior track performance.

The latest generation chassis ensures that the MX 2025 range offers us the desired behavior. With material reduced around the upper shock mount and at the front of the chassis, those revisions have been introduced to improve flex characteristics.

The new TC 150 and TC 300 arrive to expand Husqvarna's MX 2025 range

Also reduce weight and improve cornering without compromising straight line stability. Additionally, and exclusively for the three 4-stroke machines, new engine mounts contribute to the agility of each motorcycle.

Other chassis checks include new suspension settings, link joints and a smaller diameter bolt to save weight, while redesigned fuel tank caps allow easier access to the WP damper adjuster controls.

The new TC 150 and TC 300 arrive to expand Husqvarna's MX 2025 range

The seat base is 5mm higher and wider at the lowest point for easier movement on the bike, while new Swedish-inspired graphics create a distinctive look.

All models of the Husqvarna MX 2025 range They are manufactured with the latest technologies and piloting aids, in addition to incorporating a wide list of top quality accessory components.

Another novelty for 2025 are the latest tires Dunlop MX34which provide improved acceleration and cornering, while ProTaper handlebars, ODI grips and Brembo clutch and brake systems are maintained for their proven performance and durability

The new TC 150 and TC 300 arrive to expand Husqvarna's MX 2025 range

Technical highlights of Husqvarna's 2025 MX range

  • Revised cycle section to improve flex and cornering agility
  • New linkage system gaskets and screw for smoother shock absorber operation and lower weight
  • New Dunlop Geomax MX34 tires for exceptional grip on all surfaces
  • New engine mounts on FC models further improve chassis flex characteristics
  • New WP suspension settings adapted to the revised chassis
  • Radiator deflectors checked and finished with new graphics
  • Revised swingarm improving chain slide durability
  • Slightly higher and wider seat with grippy upholstery for maximum control and maneuverability
  • Electronic throttle body fuel injection on 2-stroke engines ensures class-leading power and drivability
  • FC 250 and FC 350 DOHC engines deliver class-leading torque and peak power
  • Multifunctional map shift switch offers two engine maps and includes quick shift, traction and launch control buttons on all 4-stroke models
  • Hybrid aluminum and polyamide rear subframe construction provides specifically calculated rigidity and advanced durability
  • 48mm WP XACT front fork with AER technology offers more progressive damping at the end of travel
  • WP XACT rear shock with CFD-optimized main piston and tool-less adjustment controls
  • High performance Brembo hydraulic clutch system
  • Premium ProTaper Handlebars and ODI Grips
  • Electric start on all models powered by a lightweight 2.0 Ah Li-Ion battery

The new TC 150 and TC 300 arrive to expand Husqvarna's MX 2025 range

A range of technical accessories aimed at competition accompanies the launch of the Husqvarna MX 2025 rangewith the new Offroad Connectivity Unit as the star component.

Once installed and paired with the free App Ride Husqvarna Motorcyclesdrivers can create and save various engine maps and suspension settings to adapt to a wide variety of racing surfaces and conditions.

The new TC 150 and TC 300 arrive to expand Husqvarna's MX 2025 range

Providing comfort, Swedish-inspired style and safety for all riders, Apparel kit ensures maximum protection in every race. The complete range includes piloting and protective clothing, with each product designed in line with the Husqvarna MX 2025 range.

Husqvarna's 2025 MX range will be available shortly. For more information you can consult the brand's official website or visit any of the authorized distributors that collaborate with the Swedish firm in our country.

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