If you want to save on furniture transportation, the motorcycle is not a good option

Imagine that you have to carry a piece of furniture or an item from one place to another. That this piece of furniture is large, and that you do not have any furniture transport company on hand, or you do not have the budget to hire them. The only option you have left is to transport the furniture yourself and by your own means. How would you do it?

Well, logic tells us that you would call a friend to give you a hand. Several of you would load it into a car or a van and, once at the destination, you would unload it and take it to the room where you are going to leave them.

More or less that is the plan that anyone would carry out, but it is not the plan that the protagonist of this video decided to carry out. He did have friends, but either no one had any other means of transportation, or they appreciated him enough to help him load the furniture onto the motorcycle and that's it.

Yes, load the furniture on the motorcycle. An entire closet with its drawers and mirrors loaded onto a small Honda Biz that will be in charge of transporting not only the driver, but also a piece of furniture of excessive dimensions to carry on a motorcycle.

We do not know how much the furniture may weigh, which, by the way, was meticulously prepared for transport and to prevent the drawers and doors from opening. But we can calculate that it will be around two meters wide and between 1.60 – 1.70 wide. Come on, a piece of closet.

Transporting furniture by motorcycle, a new business?

Surprisingly, they manage to place it on the motorcycle, where after careful placement it practically maintains its balance. From there, the driver grabs one of the ropes, starts the motorcycle and sets off with some difficulties.

It seems that disaster is assured, but after a complicated start, with potholes and a curve in between in which it seems that the fall and rollover is imminent, it picks up some speed. The skill of driving and maintaining balance without colliding with anything, taking curves is simply amazing.

The furniture arrives at its destination safe and sound, ready for friends to help again to place it in its final place. Needless to say, the idea is not only crazy, it is completely prohibited here in Spain.

In fact, it cannot protrude more than 50 centimeters from the longitudinal axis nor 25 from the rear and never from the front, so if you were thinking of transporting furniture by motorcycle, it is better that you look for another option.

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