Mission Impossible 8 is in full filming, and Tom Cruise will debut a new motorcycle in it

It is clear that action cinema is no longer what it was, and Mission Impossible 8 is a good example of this. Because if what we associate with a film of this type is a lot of noise, explosions and pollution from a tube, it is very likely that in this new sequel to the legendary saga all this has been softened considerably.

To begin with the thunderous sound of motorcycles and cars at full speed in full pursuit. But of course, if now it turns out that Tom Cruise Run away, or chase the bad guys at the controls of a Livewire del Mar, what is said, there won't be much noise… Right?

Mission Impossible 8 is already filming in the streets of Paris and London

This is nothing new in recent action films, in which we have seen how everything has gained an extra level of security and civility. Not long ago we told you how, in the latest James Bond installment, the film's director thought that the cobblestones where the chase scenes were filmed were too slippery.

As a solution to this “lack of safety”, where a specialist could end up having an accident in that way, they decided to pour 32,000 liters of Coca-Cola. Well it seems that the new fashion eco friendly also comes to the saga of Mission Impossible, and that not even the inimitable Tom Cruise will be able to do anything to prevent it.

Gone are the chases on a BMW S 1000RR on a narrow cliff road, or jumping into the void at the controls of a Honda CRF450R, the latter ending up shattered at the bottom of the immense precipice. Now it's time to walk the streets of Paris, that's where some sequences of Mission Impossible 8in silent mode.

It is speculated that this will be the last installment of the extensive saga where Cruise will be in charge of giving life to its protagonist, Ethan Hunt. Perhaps you have also realized that everything is turning without remission towards a new era, where the general canons that until now structured society are no longer well regarded.

Tom Cruise goes electric in Mission Impossible 8

The question that comes to mind then is: How will these superheroes end up facing the bad guys? Because maybe in one of those super chases at the controls of an electric motorcycle they end up running out of battery, and even worse, they can't find any charger nearby to be able to continue…

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