It's almost time for the new BMW R 1300 R, R 1300 RS and R 1300 RT to arrive

The new one BMW R 1300 GS It went on sale at the end of 2023. And, of course, the other R models will follow during this year 2024 and 2025. We already talked to you about this topic not too long ago. But now, we know for sure that this season we will see new mounts with this mechanic. That is, the future R 1300 R, R 1300 RS and R 1300 RT They will arrive sooner than we think. Some this year, and the rest next year at the latest.

Of course, all these new mounts will arrive equipped with the new 1,300 boxer engine, with at least 145 hp and optionally equipped with the revolutionary ASA automatic transmission. Now, some «render» show us what the R, RS and RT that will arrive in 2024 could look like.

September 28, 2023 marked the centenary of the debut of the BMW R 32. And, in a spectacular event held in Berlin, the brand presented its brand new and most important bet for the brand, the highly anticipated R 1300 GS travel enduro. By the way, available for purchase since November of that same year.

This machine, as it could not be otherwise, boasted impressive figures, above all, thanks to its new boxer engine, with a displacement of exactly 1,300 cc and capable of unleashing, as we already told you before, 145 hp (107 kW) at 7,750 rpm and with a maximum torque of 149 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

BMW R 1300 2024

Then, in the spring of this year, we saw how the Germans debuted the R 1300 GS equipped with the revolutionary automatic transmission «Automated Shift Assistant» (ASA). Now we tell you that the comforts of this innovation will not be limited only to the G.S.but will be extended to all future R 1300 models, at least as an option.

So, the BMW R 1300 R, R 1300 RS and R 1300 RT They will continue on the path marked by the BMW R 1300 GS 2024, that is clear as day. With or without the ASA transmission, the new 1,300 cc boxer will gradually replace the 1,250 cc engine in the naked, sports and touring versions.

However, spy images, or leaks on the R 1300 series versions are non-existent, which has led the designer Kar Leeand our German colleagues, to speculate on what these three models could look like in the near future.

BMW R 1300 2024

BMW R 1300 RS 2024

BMW will subtly refine the design of its “most athletic boxer”, providing it with a semi-fairing, standard LED daytime running lights, LED turn signals and other new accessories. These updates are likely to keep the current RS on the market until fall 2024, with the refresh scheduled for next model year, i.e. 2025.

The evolution around the new 1,300 engine also entails new chassis modifications. For the R 1300 GS, bmw has adopted a new steel main chassis with a bolt-on aluminum subframe. It is expected that the R 1300 RS follow a similar path.

But, while the G.S. retains the Telelever and two side-mounted water coolers, the R.S. It will probably adopt an inverted telescopic fork, like its predecessors, and a large front water radiator.

It is expected that the R.S. offer a slightly sportier experience than the model that arrives to replace in dealerships. It will have narrow headlights integrated into a more compact and aerodynamic fairing. This appearance will be reflected in a narrower and sharper rear end, which will blend perfectly with the aluminum subframe. These changes, along with a weight reduction, promise a more agile and dynamic driving experience.

BMW R 1300 2024

BMW R 1300 R

A similar update is expected for this model, but with the new, more powerful boxer engine.

As in the touring version, and to keep the temperature under control, a water radiator will be installed in front of the mechanics, similar to that of the R.S.. This model will also receive an aesthetic treatment, with a more compact headlight and a slimmer body that emphasizes its muscular appearance.

BMW R 1300 2024

BMW R 1300 RT

In this frame the focus will be directed towards a clear luxury tourism. Of course, this model will also receive the new boxer engine, but with specific adjustments to deal with heavier loads. The chassis structure is likely to be reinforced to ensure stable driving even when loaded and the RT offer a wide range of upgraded features, including advanced assistance systems, heated seats, an electrically adjustable windshield and a premium audio system.

As we are seeing, and they will surely arrive, the new iterations of the 1300 series promise to be true marvels of German engineering, including the latest security systems from the house.

BMW R 1300 2024

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