In a limited run and together with Peugeot, the DAB 1 α will arrive this year being faithful to the prototype

In DAB 1 αformerly known as Concept-emarked the transition of DAB Motors. This French company, originally focused on custom combustion engine motorcycles, began a modern and complicated path towards electrification.

Now and thanks to the alliance with Peugeot Motocycles (since last summer), they have jointly further promoted the development of the Concept-Enow converted into the innovative and efficient DAB 1 α.

April 24, 2024 marks the official launch of the DAB 1 α, keeping intact the avant-garde style that earned it the Red Dot Design Award. In addition to its design, the DAB 1 α It brings with it significant technical improvements, making it a very attractive option within the French electric vehicle panorama.

This is the DAB 1 α

With a nominal power of 11 kW (15 hp), he DAB 1 α is classified as a 125 electric, suitable for European drivers with A1 and B196 license. However, its maximum power now reaches an impressive 25.5 kW (34.5 HP), allowing it to reach maximum speeds of up to 130 km/h.

Equipped with energy recovery technology, it can travel up to 150 kilometers on a single battery charge, with an estimated charging time of between 3 and 3.5 hours.

DAB 1 α

The light weight of DAB 1 α, weighing just 125 kilograms, promises agile acceleration and exceptional maneuverability. Its steel chassis, complemented by aluminum components and cutting-edge suspension technology from Paioli, guarantee optimal performance on any surface. Additionally, the brakes Brembo and the ABS system Peugeot They provide additional security and control.

In addition to its performance, the DAB 1 α It has features such as LED lights, LCD screen and charging options for mobile devices. High-quality details, including milled aluminum components and recycled materials from Airbushighlight their commitment to sustainable innovation and, of course, design.

DAB 1 α

With only 400 units available and a price of 14,900 euros each one, the DAB 1 α represents the culmination of the vision of DAB Motors and Peugeot Motocycles for the future of electric mobility.

With its scheduled production in the factory Peugeot in Beaulieu-Mandeure, France, this exciting and unique vehicle promises to leave a lasting mark on the dazzling electric world of French urban transportation.

DAB 1 α

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