In April the legend is reborn

The legend on wheels, the Indian Scout, prepares to write a new chapter in its epic story. We have just learned that, in a matter of weeks, the world will witness the debut of a completely renewed generation.

We really don’t know much more. In fact, the brand is being very careful with the leaks of this completely new machine. It is appreciated because there are times when it is better not to reveal a surprise like this. Good for Indian.

All the details about the 2024 Indian Scout

Well yes, as we are counting, the date marked on the calendar is April 2, 2024, when Indian Motorcycle has promised to lift the veil on the new reincarnation of the Scout. As you can imagine, and speaking of this model, the desire to see this new Indian machine is growing exponentially.

A 30-second preview has been released on the YouTube channel of Indian, offering just a glimpse of what is to come. Although brief, the video evokes the spirit of the past by presenting a Scout original through an old camera. This gesture suggests a respectful tribute to the origins of the legendary American machine.

Indian Scout

Since its debut in 1920, the Scout It has been an emblem of excellence in the world of two wheels. Initially equipped with a 606 cc engine, later upgraded to 745 cc in 1927, the Scout has evolved over time. The most recent version has a powerful 1,133 cc V-twin, capable of generating 95 HP and 97.6 Nm of torque.

In the coming weeks all the details about the new Scout 2024 will be revealed. Specifications, availability and the inevitable additional cost compared to its predecessor, which costs right now in dealers 14,490 euros.

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