Crossing a lake full of alligators with an electric motorcycle, what could go wrong?

Since we were little we have learned, from the account that it brings us, that mixing water and electricity is not good. Better said, mixing water and electricity is dangerous. That’s why the simple idea of ​​taking an electric motorcycle to cross a lake already seems a bit risky to us, although there is always someone willing to make the rest look like cowards.

On the other hand, our own survival instinct, the one that we carry in our DNA and that makes us stay away from predators to perpetuate the species, also makes us quickly understand that being in an area infested with alligators or crocodiles, or any other bug of which we can be the snack is not a good idea.

If you agree with these two statements, I have good news for you and that is that you are likely to stay safe from being electrocuted or eaten by alligators. But I also have a bad one and that is that you will never star in an adventure as wild as the one the friends of Grind Hard Plumbing Co. star in.

An electric motorcycle to go through “the house” of the alligators: a seamless plan…

These “zumbados” have decided that it was a good idea to cross a lake full of alligators on a motorcycle. We have already seen stars like Robbie Maddison cross lakes or even navigate the sea, but they were very careful not to come across predators. Not satisfied with that idea, they have decided to do it on a Sur-Ron, an electric motorcycle that is prepared to circulate even if it rains, but not to put it in a lake.

To achieve buoyancy without gaining excessive weight or converting the electric motorcycle into a boat, the decision was to achieve speed and “glide” over the water thanks to aluminum skids installed on both the front and rear of the motorcycle. . In addition, the rear wheel is special for desert sand, with its characteristic shovel-shaped studs that allow you to maintain speed in the water.

As crazy as the plan may seem, the truth is that the friends of Grind Hard Plumbing Co achieved their goal. In fact, we assume that if they had been eaten by alligators we wouldn’t have a video, so it was something that more or less everyone knew. But not only that, even though the water was such a big challenge for the bike, it held up well, even though the liquid element got into the sealed and rainproof engines.

In any case, it can be considered an absolute success because getting out of a madness like this alive and being able to brag about it is a “win-win”. And if the lake freezes over, they could always order the bike with saws instead of wheels from CBoys TV. The world is full of daring…

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