Is Yamaha planning one last YZF-R1 before retirement?

We have received news about a new unexpected turn in the history of one of the most emblematic models of the tuning fork factory, the Yamaha YZF-R1. As we have learned, it seems that a latest version will arrive, “Final Edition”, with specific adjustments to suspension, brakes and exterior design.

But what really intrigues us are the implications that this new news implies. Does it represent the commitment to continue with the production of the R1, in accordance with upcoming environmental regulations? Or does it mark the end of a glorious story that spans more than 25 epic years?

There is speculation about the appearance of a new YZF-R1 with adjustments in the cycle part and, above all, in the exterior design. Unfortunately, the most specific details about this future YZF-R1 they don't know each other yet. New features are rumored to be implemented in the suspension, brakes, aesthetics and the inclusion of a new front spoiler.

Yamaha YZF-R1

We tell you all the secrets of the latest Yamaha YZF-R1 Final Edition

But, what is notable is that the new model will be launched as a street-legal version, that is, registered. Let us remember that the current YZF-R1 It does not comply with regulations known as OBD2-2 or Euro 5+, which require an exhaust catalyst deterioration detection function. Therefore, sales of the R1, as we told you at the time, they will end in Europe in 2024 for road use. Not on circuit, of course.

But, as we also told you, the company has announced that starting in 2025 it will only sell competition models. Japan is no exception either, with OBD2-2 regulations expected to come into effect in November 2026, requiring a model change to comply with regulations and continue to be sold in road-specification.

Yamaha YZF-R1

Given this situation, the last YZF-R1 could go two directions. One would be to adapt to regulations (OBD2-2 / Euro5+) and continue to be marketed in the future. The other possibility is that it is not compatible with these regulations and is presented as a final farewell edition.

Of course, it would be ideal for production to continue, but considering the announcement of yamaha that, from 2025, the YZF-R1 will be sold exclusively for track use in Europe, it is uncertain whether a specification is being developed that complies with the restrictive environmental regulations we have listed.

Unfortunately, it looks like the odds of this being a final edit are pretty high right now. Come on, it's almost certain that it will be the last R1 as such.

Yamaha YZF-R1

It would be extremely sad to see the end of the famous machine that was presented in 1998 and that marked the beginning of the line Ritter SS. It is rumored that there was strong opposition within yamaha when the cessation of sales of the on-road version in Europe was announced.

If the flagship of yamahathe R1which is also liked by the president Yoshihiro Hidakadisappears, then the MT-10 equipped with the same engine, it will follow the same destiny. The line of 4-cylinder in-line engines could even disappear. yamaha. Yes, as you read it.

In case the new R1 becomes the final edition, its launch is expected at the end of this year, coinciding with the end of sales in Europe. Of course, it should also be introduced in Japan. Although sales could continue in North America, where regulations are more flexible than in Japan or Europe. In addition, it is also very possible that a special version will be launched in the country of burgers.

Considering the similarities with the racing vehicles that will continue to be produced after the road version ceases, it is possible that the final base model will be a standard version with mechanical suspension instead of that of the YZF-R1Mequipped with an effective suspension Ohlins electronically controlled.

Yamaha YZF-R1

Based on the R1 standard with mechanical suspension, we anticipate that the final model will be equipped with a more advanced suspension, brake calipers Brembo and ailerons. Although there is no information on the color, the white and red scheme used on the first generation in 1998 would be a suitable choice for the R1 final. This would give it a more premium touch, especially if you add the spoilers mentioned above.

Currently, the Yamaha Factory team participates in the All Japan JSB1000 class. The absolute champion, Katsuyuki Nakasugawho has won the championship 12 times in the past driving a YZF-R1 Officially, they are the fastest combination in Japan. At the same time, we know that yamaha is actively developing a new model, the YZF-R9. And, according to rumors, it will be launched this fall, that is, just in a few months. It is said that this model will have the first “winglets” from the tuning fork factory, although it is not confirmed if the last R1 will include them.

Yamaha YZF-R1

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