The Cyclone RC 700 is now a reality and arrives prepared to the teeth

The new Cyclone RC 700 has just been officially presented in China, after months of development since we saw the first concept of the model, the Cyclone RC 680. That was in September of last year and now this new sports car promises to cause war, at least in the local market, where it will be initially sold.

Let's remember that Cyclone belongs to Zongshen and since the latter has commercial links with the Piaggio Groupwhich would make it possible for the new RC 700, along with the rest of the models in the range, will end up being marketed in Europe. In any case, this is something yet to be confirmed, so we will focus on what is really important: the model and what it offers, technically and conceptually.

Cyclone RC 700 in detail

As you will all remember and if you read the article about the Cyclone RC 680 sports concept, it presented a series of technical characteristics that reminded us de facto of the current Honda CBR650R. This has not changed in the final version of the model, so those elements that gave rise to these speculations continue to remain unchanged.

To begin with, and as the main protagonist, its four-cylinder engine with technical characteristics very similar to the Japanese one. With this it shares the diameter of its internal dimensions, 67mmalthough they have increased the race until reaching the 674ccthe same ones that this cubes RC 700.

The Cyclone RC 700 is now a reality and comes prepared to the teeth

This translates, most likely, into a power around 100 hpalong with a declared dry weight of 208 kilos. On the contrary, we still do not know relevant data such as the wheelbase, seat height or tire measurements. Of course, it uses 17” alloy wheels to which a braking system consisting of a double front disc with radial anchor calipers is anchored.

With respect to the first concept, as usually happens, the single-sided swingarm option has been lost. The stylish exhaust silencer that presented a truly aggressive image has also not been maintained.

Still, the new RC 700 It is shown as a visually striking frame that can do battle reliably against the reference models in the category.

The Cyclone RC 700 is now a reality and comes prepared to the teeth

To do this, it uses a good level of technology, with a full-color TFT screen, Full-LED lighting, driving modes, traction control or dual-channel ABS. In addition, it has an aggressive and well-defined image, although again, and resorting to hateful comparisons, it reminds us de facto of top models in the sector such as the BMW S 1000 RR or the Honda CBR1000RR.

In any case, currently, this information is almost irrelevant, especially when we talk about a Chinese motorcycle. It only remains to be seen if it will finally arrive in Europe and if so, at what price, although we already assume that Cyclone will be able to adjust the rate for this RC 700 so that, in addition to being competitive, it can be economically profitable.

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