It’s a tiny TDM, it’s 36 years old, it has a two-stroke engine, and you want it!

There are many motorcycles that have not arrived in our territory or have done so in passing, in the form of used motorcycles or even being marketed here, they have passed without pain or glory. This is not the case with this small Yamaha TDR80, a miniature version of the Yamaha TDR125 which in turn was the scale version of the TDR250 and TDM850.

We could include all of them in a prehistory of asphalt trails, although at that time that concept did not exist. But at Yamaha they were working hard, with motorcycles so spectacular and with such decent performance that in good hands they could put sports bikes of their displacement in trouble.

But today we are only going to talk about the smallest one in the house, the TRD80 that is for sale and which is a true collector’s item. It’s not that it’s new, because right now it’s in the United States and it has 980 miles on its marker, so it’s had some use.

A tiny motorcycle and a not so small investment…

It is currently located in Houston, Texas, and is for sale through Ebay for $4,990, which at the current exchange rate would be 4,670 euros. Maybe with that money and you like two strokes, you think of other options that are easier to get with which you don’t have to go through customs, imports, transportation… And you’re right, but this miniature prehistoric asphalt trail motorcycle is so peculiar that would be a great investment.

Of course, you should know that corrosion has appeared over time, but otherwise it seems to be in fairly good condition. As for the technical part of the motorcycle, which until now we have not mentioned anything, it must be said that it has the same 80 cubic centimeter engine that the YSR80 used, although in this case with liquid cooling.

Aside from some minor damage, it is in great condition.

To give you an idea of ​​the size, the wheels are 12 inches both front and rear, so you are looking at a pitbike but with much more style. It has a disc brake front and rear and aesthetically it has no notable damage, nor is there any wear that could indicate that those miles on the odometer are not correct.

Now you just need to hurry, because the sale is scheduled until next Wednesday, but if someone decides beforehand and pays the reserve of 500 euros, they will take it home. You have been warned…

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