The mother of all rides took place at Silverstone with Rossi, Dunlop, Bautista, McGuinness… and without us

Imagine (or remember) a ride with friends, with no other intention than to have fun and enjoy a track like Silverstone, where MotoGP is going to celebrate its 75th anniversary, all to yourself. Well now imagine that those friends have surnames like Rossi, Dunlop, Bautista, Mamola, Bagnaia, Bezzecchi, Locatelli, Rea, Quartararo, Rins… what a fantasy for the senses!

The bad news for us is that this event, which has been called Trackday of Legends for all the reasons in the world and which has been organized by Monster, has not included you or me as guests, so we have to enjoy it from a distance and settle for the photos and some videos.

Obviously he knows little, but seeing so many drivers of that level on a track simply riding, enjoying themselves, with their speeds but without the pressure of the clocks has its charm. In a way, it brings them a little closer to the “earth”, to what we can be any weekend when we go to a track to burn off adrenaline, try to go as fast as possible for fun and enjoy.

But of course, the difference is that these kids (some not so much anymore) are real beasts at what they do and they all want to show that they could be the best. Even so, the way in which they interacted with each other is still surprising because MotoGP is not the same as racing in the TT.

Rossi and McGuinnes sharing a ride

Can you imagine Rossi and McGuinnes filming together? Well yes, that also happened. And the most curious thing is that it was Valentino who gave wheels to good old McPint, so that he could achieve his fastest personal lap on the British track. Just what you and your friends do when you hit the track, help yourself get faster.

And while it was Dunlop and McGuinnes who, already off the bike, explained to Morbidelli or Bezzechi some of the particularities of the TT and the mountains. And in addition to the action on the track, they had a previous dinner and a lot of talk. Just by listening to those conversations, comics and jokes anyone would have wanted to be there, humanizing these myths that have given us so much joy.

Happy drivers

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