It’s not McQueen’s Métisse Mk3, but it’s a piece of history that could have been yours

Steve McQueen is one of the greatest cinematic legends of all time, and even more so for motorsports fans. His life before becoming a star, his life when he was a star and even his battle against the illness that killed him, made him a star. But all of this, 44 years after his death, means that he is still a star that shines very brightly.

We have talked at length about McQueen on other occasions, but it is impossible not to link him directly with motorcycles. An actor by profession, but a pilot by passion and talent, he alternated between two and four wheels, which was where he achieved his greatest success.

However, his connection with motorcycles was much more emblematic. It gave him that touch of rebellion that he always had and among those many motorcycles that he rode, there was the Métisse MK3 that mounted the Triumph engine of a 1967 Bonneville. With it he launched himself into desert races, suitably modified, and at the same time, laid the groundwork for the British firm itself to bring out replicas over the years.

Méttise released 300 units to commemorate the 30th anniversary of McQueen’s death

This happened to coincide with the 30th anniversary of McQueen’s death, and only 300 units were put on the market for the entire world. Now one of these jewels, which were manufactured in the same way as in their time and which have original Bonneville engines, is going on sale.

It is a unit registered in October 2017, but driving it on our roads would not be possible because it does not have the necessary lighting system. What it does not lack are the perfectly chromed exhausts, drum brakes, kickstand, seat… And, of course, Steve McQueen’s signature on the tank.

McQueen's signature appears on the side

The bike currently has 550 miles on its odometer, 885 kilometres, and is up for auction in England. The bad thing is that you won’t be able to buy it anymore because the auction ended this weekend and it was sold for 16,500 pounds, nothing less than 19,500 euros at the current exchange rate.

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