Jarama hosted a Kawasaki Xperience 2024 full of activities

The third edition of the Kawasaki Xperience leaves a great taste in the mouths of the organization and attendees thanks to the numerous product tests that were carried out throughout the day.

Recently, Akashi's firm organized its third Kawasaki Xperience 2024 of the season on the Jarama circuit. More than 1,000 people attended the event to enjoy the event, which featured almost 100 units from Kawasaki's entire road range, and thus be able to test the brand's entire range of road motorcycles.

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Kawasaki Xperience 2024 in detail

The event was divided into two groups:

  • Circuit motorcycle group: Those registered performed a 30-minute round within the circuit layout with the model they had previously chosen.
  • Road motorcycle group: Those registered began their test by taking a lap of the Madrid track and then taking a 45-minute guided route along the roads near the circuit.

Jarama hosted a Kawasaki Xperience 2024 full of activities

In total, they were carried out almost 700 motorcycle tests, where the new Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z7 Hybrid stood out, which could be tested for the first time in Europe in a test open to the public. Other 2024 news that the brand had for this Kawasaki Xperience 2024 They were the new Z500, Ninja 500 and Eliminator 500.

Kawasaki has already announced that it will soon announce the dates and locations of the next Kawasaki Xperience 2024. For more information about this initiative or any of the models that currently make up the range of the Japanese firm, you can directly access its official website in our country.

Jarama hosted a Kawasaki Xperience 2024 full of activities

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