K45N, the new Monolock top case from Kappa

Kappa has recently introduced us to its new Monolock K45N top casean ideal trunk for those motorcyclists who need a very practical product, with 45L capacityand one Great value for the price. Furthermore, it meets the high standards of Italian quality and meets all the needs of the most cosmopolitan users.

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Kappa Monolock K45N top case in detail

The Italian brand has been clinging to its commitment to the user since 1956, where excellence and attention to detail have become its essential pillars of work. This translates into high quality standards and careful design of its motorcycle accessories.

On this occasion they wanted to go back to basics, with a sober, but very practical top case, which is presented as a great option for the most urban motorcyclists. This trunk of Kappa K45N It perfectly represents the brand’s philosophy: offering high quality products at affordable prices.

K45N, the new Monolock top case from Kappa

Minimalist in nature, it has been designed to satisfy the essential needs of the urban user without compromising quality or style. With its 45 liter capacity, it has ample space to store everything you need for everyday life in the metropolis, while its elegant and aerodynamic design complements the aesthetics of any motorcycle.

To be able to place it on all types of motorcycles, includes the K628 grill and a universal fixing kit. In addition, this top case can be equipped with an optional backrest, guaranteeing an even more pleasant experience for the passenger.

K45N, the new Monolock top case from Kappa

Kappa has eliminated everything superfluous to offer a product that meets the highest quality standards, at a reasonable price, since it can be found for only 119 euros.

For more information and details you can consult the official Kappa website. Also visit your nearest authorized dealer.

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