Marco Cattaneo, founder of Momodesign Style Center, dies at 88 years of age

Marco Cattaneo, one of the most relevant figures within the Italian group Momo, has died at the age of 88, according to several local media reports. Cattaneo had been battling for several years against a severe illness that he was ultimately unable to overcome. Founder in 1981 of Momodesign Style Centerheld the position of Group CEO for several years.

Cattaneo was in charge of guiding the Italian company after the first successes achieved by its founder, Gianpiero Moretti. Among Marco’s most important milestones is having expanded Momo’s activity into other sectors other than the one in which the brand initially positioned itself in business terms.

Marco Cattaneo: A before and after within the Italian brand

In addition, he founded the Momodesign Style Center, which would later be separated from the parent company and placed under the management of his son Paolo. At his headquarters in Meda, he continued working and shaping other projects such as Momo Corsea segment where he achieved great success and made the brand go international definitively.

Renowned brands in the automotive sector such as Porsche, Ferrari or Rolls-Royce They have collaborated regularly with the Italian firm led by Cattaneo. He also managed to expand his radius of action to the Asian continent, where local fans saw in Momo an always valuable option in the accessories market.

Marco Cattaneo, founder of Momodesign Style Center, dies at 88 years of age

Within the world of two wheels, the Italian brand collaborates with other highly prestigious brands such as Dainese. A clear example of this is the new generation of FGTR helmets with the FGTR EVO and FGTR Classic versions. Dainese’s experience together with innovation, through the style of Momodesign, comes together by reinventing new standards that respond to contemporary lifestyles, distinguishing itself from urban chaos and communicating its mission to new generations.

In short, Cattaneo represented a before and after within the Italian brand, something for which fans of two and four wheels will always be grateful. From the SMN editorial team we send our most sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Marco Cattaneo, founder of Momodesign Style Center, dies at 88 years of age

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