Yamaha touches our hearts with the eight preparations of the XSR900 GP based on mythical decorations

The celebration of Wheels and Waves 2024 has left us with such impressive samples as the official presentation of the 8 XSR900 GP preparations, within the project carried out by Yard Built, «Back to the Paddock». In fact, we had already shown you two of them that you can learn about in detail in these articles:

Yamaha XSR900 GP “Back to the Paddock” project in detail

They have now been shown in their entirety with designs based on the bikes of:

  • Randy Mamola 1988
  • Fabrizio Pirovano 1993
  • Jörg Teuchert 2000
  • Colin Edwards 1996
  • Joan Garriga 1988
  • Christian Sarron 1984
  • Eddie Lawson 1993

They all sport an iconic livery centered on the iconic Yamaha motorcycle racers of the 80s and 90s. From the iconic blue and white design of Frenchman Christian Sarron’s 1984 title-winning TZ250, to the legendary YZF750 of Haga/Edwards, who won the Suzuka 8 Hours in 1996.

Also a design inspired by Mamola’s YZR500 Lucky Strike, and another by Eddie Lawson’s 1993 FZR750R OW-01 with which he won the Daytona 200. Joan Garriga’s 1988 YZR250 could not be missing, or Fabrizio Pirovano’s YZF750, along with the livery worn by Jörg Teuchert in the WSBK of the 2000 season.

Yamaha exhibits the 8 XSR900 GP preparations of the project at Wheels and Waves 2024 "Back to the Paddock"

They also have an Akrapovič exhaust system and a lower fairing that acts as a keel. In short, 8 replicas that take us back to other times where these iconic liveries became part of the history of the Japanese firm, and that have now dazzled the visitors of Wheels and Waves 2024.

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