This brand claimed to make Italian cars despite their Chinese origin: now it has to pay a fine

DR Automobiles is a car brand that was founded in Macchia d’Isernia, in Molise (Italy), back in 2006. The firm developed by Massimo Di Risio, owner of an important Fiat dealership in the region, is dedicated to assembling under license and market examples taken from Chery Automobile and JAC Motors, both Chinese manufacturers. Now that one origin and provenance of your vehicles They have cost him a significant fine imposed by the Italian Antimonopoly Authority (AGCM).

They accuse the brand of misleading consumers by saying they make Italian cars even though their origin is Chinese. A fine of six million euros has been imposed on him for the vehicles of DR and EVO, two of the firms they own, after an investigation that began last year. According to the AGCM, DR Automobiles marketed these cars as produced in Italy, when in reality what it does at its Molise headquarters is finish them with minor finishing and assembly operationsafter receiving the components from China.

Massimo Di Risio, the founder of the firm, disagreed with this measure and will try to challenge it. According to the manager, it has never been said that his cars were manufactured entirely in Italy and he has been in contact with the Italian authorities from the first moment to show his commitment. He defends himself by saying that they only try to “underline the strong link of the group with the Italian country.” Even plans to increase its operations locally with a new production plant to bring new models.

While DR Automobiles tries to avoid this fine from the AGCM, it must be said that It is not the first case of this style. Italy is very protective of national heritage and has already carried out a similar ban in the automotive sector. The first was to do Alfa Romeo change name of his Milano by Junior claiming that it was not produced in that city. He also made Fiat remove the Italian flags from its Topolino, which is produced in Morocco, or those from the 600 due to its Polish origin.

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