This is the Xiang Shuai Lorebo 800, a power cruiser for the A2 with more rear tires than the cars

We do not stop receiving new models and new proposals from China. The last one is a very peculiar one, as it joins the trend of endless wide wheels. It is the Xiang Shuai Lorebo 800 and it can boast of mounting a 310 millimeter wide tire on its rear wheel. Of course, it is not the first time that we have been surprised by Xianshuai’s choices, because a few months ago we already saw another model from the manufacturer with 360 millimeters.

If you don’t know how big it is compared to other bikes, hypersports are usually 210 wide. That is to say, the rear tire of the Xiang Shuai Lorebo 800 is 10 centimeters wider than the widest tires that we usually see on the street. To give you an idea, one of the best-selling motorcycles in recent years that does not have an extremely small tire, the Kawasaki Z900, rides a 180 and when you see it, it doesn’t seem like a narrow wheel at all.

In any case, we can say that the rear tire of the Xiang Shuai Lorebo 800 is extremely wide, and not only gives a special character to the motorcycle but is its main hallmark. So much so that it is single-bore and has a cut-out fender, two features that further highlight the size of the tire.

The Xiang Shuai Lorebo 800 has 61 HP and 66 Nm of torque

But the Xiang Shuai Lorebo 800 is more than just a big rear tire, it’s a bike that looks like a fusion between a Ducati Diavel and a Harley-Davidson Sportster in terms of appearance. In terms of engine, it is closer in concept to the American motorcycle, since it uses a V2 that is capable of developing 61 HP and 66 Nm of torque.

Performance that perhaps falls a little short precisely because of that large rear tire, which will affect both driving and the way in which that power will be transmitted to the asphalt.

The swingarm is single-sided

As for the rest of the characteristics of the Xiang Shuai Lorebo 800, the technical data is scarce, but we know that it has LED lighting, double front disc with radial calipers, spoked front wheel and a TFT screen.

We also know that it is for sale in the Chinese market where it is considered an expensive motorcycle since it costs 7,800 euros. However, if the bike were to reach Europe, which is unlikely, it is difficult to think that it would do so at such a low price.

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