Maximum efficiency with 10% less weight

The new brake calipers Brembo Hypure They come to the market oriented towards road use, but maintaining the rigidity and braking capacity of a competition caliper. In fact, the new Brembo Hypure They have managed to reduce their weight by 10% compared to the previous line of the transalpines. It thus becomes the lightest street brake caliper.

After the presentation of the Brembo Hypure at the EICMA fair in Milan at the end of last year, as we told you at the time, the Italian company has confirmed that these calipers will debut this year as original equipment on a high-performance motorcycle, even without specify.

This is the new Brembo Hypure

The new Brembo Hypure is a monoblock caliper made of cast aluminum, with an innovative spring, pad and pin system that manages to minimize residual braking, that is, when we are not braking, but the pads rub involuntarily. This extends the life of the pads and improves the response. In addition to being lighter than the competition, reducing pad wear means less frequent pad changes and a better ecological footprint.

«This caliper has been designed for high-end motorcycles; Specifically, we consider Hypure to be the best choice for supersport bikes«explained the head of technical development of motorcycles Brembo, Cosimo Facibeni.

Although it has not yet been revealed which bike will be the first to benefit from the Brembo Hypure, they could be both a KTM 990RC R as a possible Yamaha R9machines that could join the supercar segment in dealerships at the end of the year or early 2025.

Brembo Hypure 2024

«In high-end products and especially in supersport motorcycles, weight reduction is one of the main objectives, followed by engine power“he continued Facibeni. «With a lighter bike, you can accelerate faster, lean more easily, and reduce braking distance because there is less mass to decelerate.«.

By making the Brembo Hypure lighter, what is known as unsprung weight is reduced, which includes all the components that are not supported by the motorcycle's suspension. This reduction has a direct impact on the behavior of the motorcycle. In fact, the less mass the suspension has to handle, the more efficiently it can react to conditions.

«This caliper is 10% lighter than the reference on the current market, the Brembo Stylema, which weighs just under 900 grams.“he added Facibeni. But how was this weight reduction achieved? The Italian commented: «Thanks to the magical mix of Brembo knowledge and new design tools. The aluminum has been strategically distributed to ensure the same rigidity as the best caliper in its class, while improving heat dissipation and reducing overall weight. In addition, we optimized the external shape to obtain a clean and defined surface, in line with our sporting heritage..

Brembo Hypure 2024

Special attention has been paid to reducing pad wear. According to Brembo, this has been achieved through an innovative system and a specially designed support surface between the caliper and the pad. Explaining this in a simple way, Facibeni He added: «The caliper has been designed to optimize the sliding of the pad both at the beginning and at the end of braking. This has been made possible thanks to a solution that optimizes the interaction between the pad, spring, caliper body and retaining pin. At the beginning of braking, the pad moves without resistance towards the disc, controlled by the pistons. When the brake is released, the pad quickly moves away from the disc, reducing friction between them.«.

The idea is that the pad will recoil more quickly than in previous designs once the rider has released pressure on the brake lever. The only thing left to know is which high-performance motorcycle will be the first to debut with the new calipers. Brembo Hypure.

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