Michael Dunlop has won 25 Tourist Trohpy, but until now he did not have a motorcycle license

Michael Dunlop, despite the rain and at 34 years of age, he already has a motorcycle license. What, how have you been? Well yes, the Mr. Dunlop You can now ride on the open road with the motorcycle of your choice. By the way, we assume that it will be a Sling or one yamaha.

It is curious, but, starting this weekend, and almost every Sunday, we will witness spectacular races of “children and young people” challenging the limits of the possible and physics. But of course, obviously due to age and other circumstances, many of them do not have the necessary driving license to travel on open roads.

It is true, although these pilots can perform feats at speeds exceeding 300 km/h, not all of them have a driving license.

Now, and as we are telling you, Michael Dunlop He obtained his motorcycle license at the British Moto Training NI driving school. Yes, the star of the Tourist Trophy (IOMTT), currently the second most successful driver in the history of the competition, only surpassed by his uncle Joey Dunlop and with an impressive 25 victories on the dangerous roads of the Isle of Man, he still did not have a driving licence.

However, the Irish champion had to put aside his brand new Yamaha YZF-R6 and Honda CBR1000RR-R SPto get on a humble Kawasaki Z650 and pass the exam. The rain was not a problem in her open circulation test, neither were nerves, and she passed.

The driving school transmitted this information with a large dose of humor. “We got a phone call from a guy who said he had a lot of experience on the road, but seemed to have trouble keeping his bike straight and with both wheels on the ground. Fortunately, we were able to treat him and today he passed his last road test and, furthermore, in the worst conditions.”.

Michael Dunlop

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