Montesa awarded the prestigious ADI-FAD Delta Career Award

Montesa “remains more ALIVE than ever” after being awarded another prestigious award from ADI-FAD (Industrial Design Association for the Promotion of Arts and Design). On this occasion, Montesa has received the award Delta Trajectorywhich recognizes the enormous work and continued dedication of the company in the field of industrial design.

If we talk about figures, Montesa has produced in its different factories throughout these eight decades more than 1.3 million units, of which 500,000 have been Montesa models and the rest, Honda. Montesa has become, thanks to specialization and the search for excellence, one of the longest-running companies in the sector.

Montesa, 8 decades of history and love for motorcycles

Since it began its activity in 1945 at 408 Córcega Street in Barcelona, ​​until today in its modern facilities in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, Montesa has not stopped producing motorcycles with the emblem of its brand. Currently, it manufactures its Cota trial model for the whole world.

In this sense, it is worth highlighting the work carried out by the Montesa Honda factory, located in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, from where the Cota 4RT260, the 4RIDE and the Cota 301RR. It should be noted that all production processes are carried out in the factory, including:

Montesa awarded the prestigious ADI-FAD Delta Career Award

  • Engine assembly
  • Plastic injection
  • Manufacturing of the aluminum frame, fuel tank and swingarm

The recognition of the Delta Gold Award, in 1962, obtained for the design of the Impala; the Delta de Plata Award, in 1968, for Cota 247; or the Delta Bronze Award that Cota 301RR obtained in 2020, demonstrate the Catalan company's commitment to industrial design.

Montesa awarded the prestigious ADI-FAD Delta Career Award

Without a doubt, the brand's great sporting history has also contributed to the popularization of Montesa, which adds to its record of achievements. 80 world titles, a figure within the reach of very few manufacturers worldwide. Special mention, in this sense, deserves Toni Bou, who has 34 World Cups to his credit!

ADI 2024 Awards Exhibition

Until the next August 25th can be seen, free of charge, in the Design Hub Barcelona the exhibition “ADI Awards 2024. Industrial design and design culture”, a great sample of some of the best products designed and marketed, in the last two years, by designers or companies, both nationally and internationally.

Montesa awarded the prestigious ADI-FAD Delta Career Award

The exhibition will also include the honorary award given to Montesa for its continued career in its commitment to excellence in design. Thus, visitors to the exhibition will be able to enjoy the presence of the first Montesa Impala manufactured, in addition to a Cota 247 and a Cota 301RR, the three models awarded by the ADI-FAD since 1962.

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